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Hair drop out? What to do?

Hair drop out? What to do?
Anything so does not disturb the woman, as a situation when hair drop out!

There are some reasons leading to a hair loss:


Hormonal sensitivity.

Stress and depression.

Wrong care of hair.

Let’s consider in our female magazine the most widespread, visible reasons of the hair loss, relieved from which, your hair will find again force and health.

Hair drop out? – reasons

1. Hairdresses which create a strong tension of hair, for example, a tail, a plait or a bunch. The hair can lose even often pulling hair or nervously winding ringlets on fingers.

2. Too diligent combing: especially by means of a hairbrush with plastic or metal cloves.

3. Travmirovaniye of wet hair: use of the hair dryer or a stayler can damage your hair. In an ideal hair should be dried slightly a towel and let’s to them dry a natural way.

4. Fragility and damage of hair can cause frequent use of a ployka and utyuzhok for alignment of hair.

5. Painting and a hairdressing can lead to damage of molecular structure of hair.

6. Hair and after use of rigid shampoos drop out, kotoy do hair dry and fragile.

Hair drop out? – what to do?

The first step on control over a hair loss is an identification of the reason of their loss and search of the solution of this problem.

– If the reason of loss is the head skin infection, she can be solved by means of medicinal tonics and the ointments ordered for fight against an infection and a hair reconstruction.

– To comb hair follows very carefully. Use a hairbrush with cloves from a material of a natural origin to avoid a head skin travmirovaniye.

– Avoid intensive combing as it can lead to too strong tension of hair that will cause their fragility. Also, if you overdo a hair-dye, it will destroy chemical bonds of hair and will lead to their structural easing.

– Avoid use of rigid shampoos which can make your hair dry and fragile. Damage can be much stronger, if you have dry hair, and you do not use the conditioner.

– Avoid excessively strong massage of head skin as he can lead to a hair loss.

– Lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid stressful situations and depressions as it is reflected in your hair negatively.

– Spend on drink a course of vitamins. For strengthening of hair any one certain vitamin, and the whole complex is important not.

– Carefully and attentively looking after the hair and choosing means which suit your type of hair, you can return to the hair force and shine.

Also, there is a set of national recipes from a hair loss which action is checked by time.

Hair for many reasons drop out, but it does not mean that hair will not grow any more as roots at external damage remain healthy. As soon as the reason will be liquidated, will start raise new hair which will find the normal force and thickness if you care of them properly. If you will not manage to stop independently process of an excessive hair loss, it is necessary for you to address immediately to the doctor.



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