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Hair loss. Treatment

Hair loss. Treatment
The female Internet portal tells about the reasons of a hair loss and ways of treatment. The hair loss is rather widespread phenomenon. Unfortunately, many do not carry out care of hair of the house regularly and in full, as a result there can be problems with hair and head skin. The campaign to the expert, as a rule, is constantly postponed till the best times, we start to be treated only when the problem accepts the menacing sizes: on a hairbrush daily there are shreds of hair, and hair become rare.

Unfortunately, we have nothing you to please, there is no magic medicine which will instantly relieve you of this misfortune, sometimes process of restoration and a new growth of hair takes years.

If you suffer from a hair loss – it is necessary to eliminate the reasons of this phenomenon. Hair and head skin are influenced by many factors: heredity, external influences which cause violations of activity of an organism, stresses both sincere experiences and abuse of harmful food. Many of the listed factors quite often happen are interconnected. It is not necessary to read tea leaves, let experts will be engaged in detection and elimination of the reason of a hair loss.

In this case doctors because you not be helped by any hairdresser, certainly, mean. The best laying, waves and cosmetics are powerless, if in skin the full is full of the bacteria which poison creates the inflammatory centers and gets into blood.

Remember the main thing: to achieve strong success in treatment of hair and head skin, to stop and prevent a hair loss, it is necessary to address to the doctor who will define a cause of illness and appoints suitable methods of treatment. Having only eliminated etiologies, it is possible to count on success of cosmetic procedures and means.

And here the wrong treatment can aggravate a situation only.

Hair loss reasons

·       Infectious diseases.

The hair loss which is observing in 8-10 weeks after a disease, in three months reaches the culmination. Hair very strongly thin, and in especially hard cases temporary baldness can be observed at all.

The hair loss as a result of an infection, as a rule, is caused by diseases which proceed with strong fever, for example, typhus, pneumonia, flu, scarlet fever.

After infection elimination, the hair loss stops.

·       Childbirth.

In 8-10 weeks the hair loss after the delivery is quite often observed. Therefore the best prevention of the hair loss, connected with pregnancy and childbirth – the correct care of hair during pregnancy. Problems with hair in this case can proceed about 6 weeks during which it is necessary to cancel difficult procedures on the care of hair – coloring, a wave, decolouration.

·       Diseases of an internal.

The hair loss owing to a serious and long illness happens very extensive.

The similar phenomenon accompanies chronic diseases: to tuberculosis, blood illness, syphilis, disease of various glands of internal secretion, illness of yaichnik. Above-mentioned diseases cause decrease in activity of all cages that affects hair. Hair are restored with health strengthening.

·       Other causes.

Poisoning, radiation, lack of vitamins, coloring of hair, chemical wave and even pressure from hairpins, crests and clips.

Also the hair loss can be observed in case of hormonal violations or nervous breakdowns, in such cases it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor for timely treatment.

National recipes of treatment of hair

How to prevent a hair loss? Try to use folk remedies, use for care of mask hair for hair. Reconsider your food, in your organism vitamins for hair should arrive surely.

Arnica mountain.

4 tablespoons of a flower to draw in 0,5 liters of water. To apply on the baldness centers in the form of lotions.

Mylnyanka medicinal.

On 0,5 liters of water 1 teaspoon of the crushed leaves and roots. Broth to rub in the field of baldness.


100 grams of leaves of a nettle to fill in with a mix from 1/3 liters of water and 0,5 liters of 6 % of vinegar. To insist within 4 hours. To wash with infusion the head daily within a month.

It is possible carefully not to injure skin, to rub in the head table salt. After procedure it is necessary to wash out the head. To repeat 6 procedures.

Onions mask and peel.

Grate onions and rub its juice in head skin. In case of a plentiful hair loss to repeat procedure every other day.

The onions peel too can be used for fight against a hair loss. A peel of five large bulbs to fill in with two liters of water and to boil 20 minutes. With broth to wash the head.

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