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Treatment of dry hair. We choose the way

Treatment of dry hair. We choose the way
Psychologists proved long ago that fact that one of the signs, involving men, are long, streaming and brilliant hair. Not important, what they will be colors — important as far as they will be healthy and dense. Especially, now the fashion does an emphasis on naturalness.

But what to do, if hair lost shine, became dry moreover now and секутся? What treatment for dry hair to choose? We know the answer!

Treatment of dry hair. For what we treat?

Anything in this life simply so does not happen. Hair are very fragile, demand careful leaving, especially from women. And leaving is not only washing with the conditioner and laying. Just these procedures serve the return purpose. From frequent washing hair are overdried, there is a dry dandruff. And that frequent laying with a skin and varnishes, an utyuzhok, a ployka and drying by the hot hair dryer harms to hair, each of us knows. So if you noticed dryness of head skin and your hair become more and more similar to straw – better to refuse the above-mentioned.

But there is a set of the reasons not depending on it influencing dryness of hair. Therefore before choosing treatment for dry hair, define, why so happened with your hair.

The reason of such "behavior" of hair, for example, can become:

– stress, depression, change of a metabolism, illness;

– improper feeding, abuse of low-calorie diets and monodiets;

– influence of the sun or hard frosts;

– vigorous combing after washing;

– a long otrashchivaniye of hair without special leaving;

– improper shampoo and hot tap water.

All these signs both together, and separately serve our hair not so good service. Also what to do, to rescue our dry hair?

Treatment of dry hair. We offer options

There is a lot of ways, it is not necessary so to be upset. Especially many of them render instant revitalizing effect. And at their long application, your dry hair will turn in silky and brilliant.

Before beginning a lucheniye of dry hair, buy suitable shampoo and the conditioner for dry hair. Also try not to wash the head within 3-4 days. Disaccustom itself to wash away shampoo hot water. Try to rinse hair after washing by cold water with vinegar, lemon juice or nettle broth.

Your hair become better to feel and look. After 2 weeks of such therapy you will be pleasantly surprised!

If all remains still, we start directly treatment of dry hair.

The most effective means for strengthening of hair, strengthenings of their growth and giving of softness by it – repeyny oil. It contains a well of vitamins and fat acids, tannins which literally "recover" even the most disobedient and dry hair.

Before head washing in 30-40 minutes pour in a plastic glass of the warmed-up repeyny oil mixed with olive (or any other). Put a mix on tips of hair and cover the head a rubber hat and a towel. In an hour we go to wash the head as usual. After washing hair become much softer and become simply shining!

If you complain of dryness, hair it is not recommended to rub a towel and to dry the hot hair dryer. Use cold air, or dry hair in the natural way.

Treatment of dry hair. Companion problems

The integral satellite of dry hair are the overdried ends of hair – hair секутся. They disturb combing and give to any hairdress a slovenly look. And on dirty hair they are most appreciable. How to get rid from секущихся the ends?

The unique measure of fight against them – a regular hairstyle of hair, 1 times in 2-3 months. It is best of all not to stint and descend on hairstyle procedure by hot scissors because hot tools of the master literally seal секущиеся the ends. And to look after the hair inclined to section it is better as well as behind dry hair.

Well and if together with dryness of hair there was a dry dandruff, hair started to drop out strenuously or you are disturbed by a head skin itch, our portal about beauty advises in parallel with treatment of dry hair to address to the doctor-dermatologist or трихологу in any medical center of Saratov or a beauty salon.

The expert will precisely diagnose and подберёт productive treatment of your problem.

Help your beauty to be at inaccessible level!

Specially for a portal «The Beauty country in Saratov» Natalia Ionova

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