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Diet for hair – simple ways to make them beautiful

Diet for hair - simple ways to make them beautiful
Here two very important factors, your hair influencing a condition are a diet for hair which you adhere, and a way of life. The condition of head skin and a hair will testify to, whether correctly you eat and what addictions you have. Besides, if you, visiting hairdressing salons, constantly make experiments with hair, such as coloring of hair or a chemical wave, – to a condition of your hair will not envy. The female magazine the Beauty Country in Ryazan decided to tell about those food which will make your hair healthy and attractive.

Diet for hair – green vegetables

The best diet for hair is the use of a large number of green vegetables as they are the most valuable sources of vitamins A and Page. These vitamins play a conclusive role at production of the skin fat, the natural conditioner for hair. Iron the calcium, also containing in green vegetables, a beautiful, voluminous and healthy hair too helps you to find.

Diet for hair – fragrant spices

Many people think that spices do only harm to our health. However, some spices, such as caraway seeds, a turmeric and pepper are very useful to good growth of hair and their health. Thanks to the use in food oregano, it is also possible to get rid of the head itch, bringing to formation of dandruff. However, it is necessary to treat seriously the use in food of spices, not to abuse them, subsequently not to damage your beautiful hair.

The diet for hair – is a lot of water

As about 25 % of weight of hair are made by the water containing in hair, it is worth to remember about consumption of enough of water to support silkiness and smoothness of hair and that hair grew quicker. Fresh fruit and vegetables also contain water therefore it is necessary to consume them in as it is possible bigger quantity.

Diet for hair – meat продуктuhenskoj-seksualnosti.htmlnskoj-se

Meat products also contain a large amount of proteins which are necessary in order that you had healthy hair. If in a human body there are no proteins, it can be reflected in a condition of its hair. Besides a protein, meat products contain iron which is not less important for healthy growth  of hair.

Our female magazine wishes you to find the most beautiful, brilliant, smooth and healthy hair. And the simple diet for hair surely will help you with it!


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