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Hair extension

Hair extension

Recently long hair strongly entered into a fashion. It not only is fashionable, but also it is beautiful. It is possible to make many hairdresses of long hair, to braid beautiful plaits or it is simple to dismiss them, after all hair — this most important ornament of the girl.
However frequent painting, use of hair dryers, utyuzhok and thermohair curlers harm to hair, and to grow a plait to a belt it turns out only at units. For fans of long hair the exit — a hair extension which will help girls to find a treasured plait with the short and weakened hair long ago is already invented. Besides, by means of building it is possible to increase volume of hair or to correct results of an unfortunate hairstyle.
The hair extension from luxury turned presently into quite ordinary phenomenon, which on a pocket to almost any girl. And to receive long hair it is possible in only one day.

Types of a hair extension

There are two types of a hair extension — cold and hot. At a cold hair extension are used either metal clip-on earrings, or glutinous solution. On this type of a hair extension a little time leaves, and this procedure does not harm to natural hair as they are not exposed to thermal influence. However after such building by the stranger capsules with glue, clip-on earrings or tapes can be visible.
Building with use of glue is called as the Spanish method. The hair increased in such a way, it is possible to carry from 4 to 6 months, and their cost is minimum.
The Korean hair extension at which fastening of hair occurs by means of ringlets from a ceramic-metal belongs to cold methods also. It is one of the most sparing ways of building, and to carry the hair increased in such a way, it is possible till 4 months.
Hot building is carried out with use of pitch, solution from a keratin, and also glue. If building is carried out with pitch use (an English technique), it warm up and with its help what increase fix to natural hair. It is not recommended to do hot building, if hair weak since pitch can damage them.
More sparing type of hot building is building by means of solution from a keratin (the Italian technique), since a keratin — the substance close on structure to hair. Besides to warm up it it is necessary no more, than to 200 wasps. At such type of building to hair locks which basis has capsules from a keratin fasten.
By means of hair on keratinovy capsules it is possible to increase hair in length to 70 cm and in 3 times to increase their volume. Such building – the only way qualitatively to increase hair on a part of the head (for example, a bang or on temples). With the hair increased in such a way, it is possible to go to a bath and in a sunbed. To carry them it is possible before half a year.
Building with use of glue similar to cold building, but a glue dosage here goes more precisely. At any kind of hot building of traces of a material it is not visible.

Restrictions at a hair extension.

If you are going to increase hair, you need to know that there are some restrictions. To increase hair it is impossible, if you pass a chemotherapy course, have a disease of head skin or accept a course of antibiotics. To increase hair it is not recommended, if the hair strongly drop out. Besides, it is impossible to increase hair if you were not 16 years old, it can affect native hair very badly.

Our female magazine, wishes you long and magnificent hair!

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