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Hair loss – recipes of a solution

 Hair loss - recipes of a solution
The first that always guards the woman, however, and the man too is a hair loss. Reasons: a stress (and change of climatic conditions already a stress), hormonal changes, pregnancy (it threatens only to ladies), diets and starvations (shortage of useful substances), an androgenetichesky alopetsiya (this form of a hair loss is handed down).

Our female magazine the Country of Beauty will give you information on why there is a hair loss, recipes and good advice:

Hair loss – we use masks

1.   Choose cosmetics according to your type of hair – masks, cream, balms, shampoos and tonics;

2.   Use the means recommended by pharmacists and cosmeticians;

The mask humidifies and feeds hair from roots to the tips.

Tonics very effectively struggle with a hair loss. For those who wants to learn the type of hair and how to cope with problems by means of medicines – better to address to the dermatologist-cosmetician and straight to go to a drugstore. Remember that the chemical hair straightening can negatively affect hair. Therefore, care of hair, means of strengthening of hair, select attentively.

Hair loss – inexpensive conditioning agents

And if to do without some expensive cosmetics, the hair loss can be stopped national recipes of rescue of hair from loss. With infusion to wash the head daily within one month:

More often infusions for rubbing in in head skin are used. Efficiency of such treatment will be higher if to carry out graduated. It is necessary to rub broths 2 times a week within 1 month.

а) 100 g of dry leaves of a nettle fill in on 0,5 l of water and vinegar. To boil 30 minutes. Insist 40 minutes, filter.

б) 100 g of leaves of a nettle to fill in with a mix from 0,5 l of 6 percent vinegar and 1/3 l of water. To insist 4 hours.

Hair loss – we strengthen roots of hair

 To strengthen health of hair in a cold season, it is possible to use medical. In 1 l of boiled water dissolve 2 tablespoons of honey and two times a week this mix rub in hair or rinse them after washing.

 – A burdock root for strengthening of hair. 4 tablespoons fill in 0,5 l of water, lead up to boiling and boil 15 minutes. After that insist 20 minutes and filter.

 – Two tablespoons of a grass of a yarrow to draw in 0,5 l of water and to rub in head skin daily. On the centers of baldness it is possible to impose a mix from svezherasterty leaves and flowers of a yarrow with olive oil (1:10).

 – Massage of the head I will merge. Wash up hair warm water without shampoo, and then, softly massing head skin, rub in it within 10-15 minutes table salt then, hair carefully wash out water. If you do this procedure each time after washing, after 6-9 times loss will stop. If you use the recipes given in our magazine against a hair loss, results will not keep itself waiting!

We hope that our article will help you to keep your beautiful hair the strong.

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