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Burning out of hair in the summer – how to be protected?

Burning out of hair in the summer – how to be protected?
Gathering to holiday, do not ignore care of beauty and health of the hair to save them from burning out on the sun and to save up saturated color and natural shine.

Burning out of hair in the summer – how to be protected?

Not much know that burning out of hair in itself is a not only esthetic problem, it leads to a peresushivaniye and fragility of hair. There are some rules of stay on a beach in a heat about which to you and will tell our female online magazine.

5 good advice: how to protect hair from burning out?

1. Be not separated from a headdress! Being under direct sunshine, it is possible not only to receive burned-out hair, but also – a sunstroke. Therefore choose a fashionable headdress: a beautiful kerchief, a wide-brimmed hat or a sports baseball cap, also do not remove it, being on the sun, for a second.

2. Get to itself a protective tool for hair and use of. The wide choice of sun-protection means gives the chance to pick up just that product which as much as possible will suit your hair. Burning out of hair in the summer – how to be protected?
Choose the sun-protection spray corresponding to your type of hair, and do not forget to use it before each campaign on a beach. Such sprays in most cases not only protect hair from burning out, but also promote preservation of water balance, without leading up hair to a peresushivaniye and fragility.

3. Under the influence of salty sea water hair hard comb hair, become rigid, firmness of color of the painted hair is lost. To protect the hair from such troubles, each time after sea bathing take a usual shower which will wash away salt from hair and skin. And for simplification of process of combing, get before a trip on the sea special moistening spray which is put on damp hair. Or simply pick up for hair balm conditioner which will help to soften hair and to make them more obedient. On return home from holiday do summer masks for normal hair.

4. Swimming in the pool, be especially careful! It concerns, first of all, blondes. Modern clarification of water in pools often does not do without chlorine use. And, as we know, chlorine – the otjyavlenny enemy of a blond hair who can lead not only to color loss, but also to its unforeseen metamorphoses. Therefore to avoid emergence of locks with easy blue outflow, experts of our female Internet portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra recommend to swim in the pool in a special hat and not to wet hair.

Burning out of hair in the summer – how to be protected?
5. Before going to holiday, carry out coloring of hair with paint use with nutritious natural oils in order to avoid a peresushivaniye as a hair, and head skin. If you plan the whole summer to carry out for the sun, to stop the choice on a hair-dye on one tone more darkly than the habitual. This cunning will help to keep favourite you a shade even if easy burning out of color nevertheless will occur.

It is necessary to care of the hair with love and attention, and then your hair will shine natural shine and beautiful saturated color even in the most solar and hot season.


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