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Lamination of hair in Cheboksary – happiness to be beautiful

About lamination of hair speak much and write, today this procedure is very popular in beauty salons of Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk. About this procedure we will talk today on pages of our female magazine.

Lamination of hair in Cheboksary – an action principle

Lamination of hair – drawing procedure on hair of a protective film which protects them from damages and environment influences. Moreover, the breathing cellulose film adds to hair a healthy look and shine. It "solders" all roughnesses and does a surface of a hair ideally smooth. At the expense of the layer put with lamination, hair утолщается, respectively the total amount of hair increases. Well also it should be noted especially that hair become essentially more elastically, it on an order simplifies combing and laying without any specialized means.

Visually the effect of lamination of hair can be seen in advertizing of shampoos and other cosmetics. Many actresses apply this procedure that on the screen hair looked healthy and beautiful.

Procedure do on any hair, it is not dependent on a condition, length, color. Depending on a damage rate of hair lamination carry out to some stages. The more damages on hair, the more time will leave on a covering their cosmetic structure. After coloring master hairdressers also recommend to undergo this procedure to keep a hair color for a long time and to give a special look. It proves once again that lamination harmlessly and has no contra-indications. To be washed away structure begins gradually approximately in 6 weeks after drawing. As soon as you felt that the hair shine is lost, elasticity and elasticity, procedure can be repeated.

Ways of lamination of hair in Cheboksary

Distinguish transparent and color lamination. In the first case cosmetic is put on hair for 30 minutes and washed away. Color during procedure changes by means of ionic coloring: the negative charge of laminating means and a positive charge of a hair cooperate with each other.

Lamination of hair in Cheboksary – responses

As this service of beauty salons has no contra-indications, it absolutely hypoallergenic and can the unlimited quantity of times is carried out, negative responses arise only in a consequence of nonprofessionalism of the master. Therefore before choosing salon, take an interest about qualification of masters, experience.

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