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Hair loss at women


Hair loss – the reasons

Hair loss at women
The hair loss is a part of natural process of the updating occurring in a human body
. It is a common problem for men and women about the reasons and which factors of emergence will tell our Internet portal about beauty. Hormonal changes can be one of the reasons of fast loss of hair. Loss of hair is a hereditary factor and is observed approximately at 50 % of women. In most cases loss of hair has diffused character. Diffused character of a hair loss more often is a hereditary factor, but it also can be caused by a number of the hidden medical indicators, result of treatment and other factors. Loss of hair often occurs gradually, but also baldness by places and disseminated (everywhere) can be observed.

Hair loss at women

At women (androgenic) baldness is in most cases observed hormonal. Women are more often subject to a diffused poredeniye of hair (reduction of their quantity on all surface) unlike men at whom baldness on a certain structure (hair is more often observed remain on a nape and on temples). At women hair remain on a face-to-face part while for men loss of a considerable part of hair is characteristic beginning with a forward part of a surface of a skull more often.

The hair loss at women very often occurs gradually, to process acceleration during pregnancy and during a menopause. Baldness at women is connected with such major factor which the gene factor is. Genes which are located in the X-th or Y-chromosomes, are called as linked (connected) with as a floor. Genes of other 22 pairs chromosomes are called as autosomny. There is an assumption that the genes which are responsible for the general baldness are autosomny. It means that the major factor of baldness can be inherited on the parent line or fatherly.

Loss of hair at women can be divided on types into 3 extensive categories. The first – local loss of hair – can be subdivided into the cicatricial and bezrubtsovy type, the second – structural loss of hair. The third category – diffuzny (diffused) loss.

The hair loss at women is often emotionally destructive. Cicatricial baldness can be caused by a number of medical or dermatological conditions, such as a volchanka (skin tuberculosis) and red flat deprive or radiotheraphy influence. The baldness caused by damages or local medical problems which were cured, usually connected with transplantation of hair. Local loss of hair which occurred in the area of growth of hair after obverse tightening surgery, can be long and traumatic baldness (baldness), a hair loss which occurs to their continuous wrest is called. Both these a condition can be connected with transplantation of hair.

Hair loss – treatment

Women with structural baldness, can be fine candidates for surgical restoration. Diffuzny (diffused) loss is observed at women. In this situation the majority of hair remains, but the thickness of a hair core is less than at a usual hair. A hormonal imbalance one more major factor of loss of hair at women. Testosterone will be transformed to DHT by means of enzyme (энзима) 5-alpha редуктазы which is present at high concentration in the grown bald areas of a scalp. For women is available only? the part from энзима as a whole in comparison with men and is even less of it in a parietal part.

The hair loss tends to occur during the various periods and to various intensity, is individual for everyone and increases during the periods of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and a menopause.

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