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Dandruff treatment by folk remedies

Dandruff treatment by folk remedies
What is dandruff and what inconveniences it causes, knows everyone. Fault to that extensive TV advertizing, lamentations of friends and girlfriends, and sometimes and personal experience. The last, probably, the most widespread. Nevertheless this disease of head skin, though unpleasant, but surmountable. And dandruff treatment by folk remedies is rather successful. The main thing to deal with the reason of emergence of a disease of skin.

Dandruff treatment by folk remedies: from where problem?

Emergence of dandruff can be connected with violation of work of an internal, endocrine frustration. Sometimes fault to all stresses and nervous shocks. Obvious symptom of dandruff являетс head skin itch. In any case long presence of dandruff on hair, even at systematic care of them, – an occasion to address to the specialist doctor.

What represents dandruff? These are small cheshuyka of white color who appear at dying off of the top layers of head skin. Completely to recover from the comprehended disease it is possible only at complex personal care. To normalize a food, to refuse a fried, fat and spicy food, to spend on drink a course of vitamins A and V.Eto first. And in — the second, it is correct to care of the skin of a hairy part of the head.

Dandruff treatment by folk remedies: what to choose?

Effective dandruff treatment by folk remedies is when using a bark of an oak in a combination to honey. Fill in with one glass of boiled water 2-3 tablespoons of an oak bark. When broth will be drawn, add in it a tablespoon of honey and carefully mix before its complete dissolution. "Medicine" is ready!

Now broth is necessary for rubbing in hair, to shroud the head in cellophane (or to put on a special hat) and a warm towel. Take means on hair within 30-40 minutes, and then wash up the head as usual.

One more effective way of treatment of dandruff folk remedies is rubbing in in head skin repeyny or castor oil. At will can replace it with spirit tincture of a calendula or aloe juice. Put means on roots of hair, hold minutes 20-30 and wash the head.

The important role in dandruff treatment by folk remedies is played also by sour-milk products. It is possible to put kefir, whey or curdled milk regularly on hair for an hour before head washing. Massage a little and hide hair under polyethylene. And then wash away "medicine" shampoo.

Dandruff treatment by folk remedies: additional possibilities

If soon you do not plan to change or update a hair color, colourless henna will be effective means in dandruff treatment by folk remedies. It is easily washed away, perfectly strengthens hair and at moderate use does not give any shades.

Bags with henna are on sale practically in all shops and cost not much. For the best effect it is necessary to put a mask after washing of hair when head skin is cleared of superfluous elements. There is an only thing "BUT". Usually after use of henna do not advise to dye hair or do a chemical wave within 2-3 months. At least, surely warn the hairdresser about last experiment.

It is possible to replace the most expensive balms and conditioners with vegetative infusions. They are done on the basis of a tansy, hop, by camomiles, nettles. They are vitamin-rich and unusually useful, especially at dandruff treatment by folk remedies. A small amount of a grass to fill in with boiled water, let’s be insisted, then to filter and rinse hair after washing.

Instead of infusion of herbs it is possible to use lemon water. The peel of 3 lemons needs to be boiled thoroughly in water liter, to squeeze out there juice and to cool. This means especially well is suitable for an oily hair. If there are unpleasant feelings, no burning after an opolaskivaniye, it is possible then tincture from hair not to wash away. If they are present, take broth of minutes 15-20 and then wash out hair warm water.

Our portal about beauty shared with you excellent recipes of treatment of dandruff folk remedies. But we remind you before you will use this or that means, surely check, whether there is no at you on it an allergic reaction!

Enjoy the beauty!

Specially for a portal «The Beauty country in Saratov» Nadejda Titkova

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