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How to treat a limp and brittle hair

Hair are a wealth which needs to be preserved very carefully, especially it is important, if you have brittle hair. The Country of Beauty will tell our female magazine to you what should be care of hair.

Brittle hair – it is correctly combed

At fragility and a hair loss it is necessary to turn special attention to their combing:

carefully select a hairbrush: it is better to prefer soft, than rigid;

– use means (balms, creams), facilitating combing;

– it is desirable to comb not wet, but damp hair which dried up a little.

Brittle hair – we do head massage

Head massage by small pillows of fingers – restores head skin blood circulation, helps hair to take a healthy form and shine. Under the influence of head massage, skin is cleared from horn чешуек epidermis, and together with them – of a dust and microbes, sekretorny function of sweat and sebaceous glands improves.

Brittle hair – folk remedies

From national recipes lemon juice which it is necessary to rub once a month in head skin which improves blood circulation will approach, narrows pores, possesses antiseptic action. The most important is to watch, that drops of juice did not get for the split ends of hair. In 15-20 minutes it is necessary to rinse a brittle hair.

To people at whom hair became dim, thin and fragile, it is necessary to apply once a week such mask: 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and a yolk of one egg properly stir, rub a mix in hair, wrap up the head with a warm towel.
In half an hour carefully wash up the head in soapsuds.

Dry, wiping a towel, and do not tie still wet hair a scarf.
If you are disturbed by a hair loss – recipes of a solution exist. For example, rubbing in in skin of birch sap with alcohol or cognac and broth of a repeyny root.

The same means strengthens growth of hair. Or try to mix thus: 150 ml of the concentrated birch sap/100 of ml of warm boiled water.
Water to mix with birch sap and to rinse with the turned-out balm hair. It is not necessary to wash away.

If hair электрилизуются and badly grow

One more problem which meets at any time years is an elektrizatsiya and bad growth of hair.

1. That hair not электризовались, before combing put on a brush some drops of rose or lavandovy attar which not only add to hair beautiful shine, but also are excellent natural antistatic.

2. The massage brush, is better with wooden cloves – for daily massage; flat wooden or ebonitovy hairbrushes: frequent and rare – for combing of hair.

3. Balms, cream, tonics, masks allow to smooth obsechenny tips and to soften dry hair, adding shine on your beautiful hair.

For improvement of growth of hair it is necessary to be guided by the following rules:

1. It is necessary to wash hair in the morning or in the afternoon. Only not in the evening. After will wipe a hair a towel, wrap up them on a floor of hour other dry towel.
2. In water for rinsing of hair can add juice, broth or nettle infusion. Glass about a half on 1 liter of water.
3. Approximately in four weeks a brittle hair it is necessary to wash time without shampoo with an egg yolk and boiled warm water.
Success in fight for health of hair, let they radiate shine and beauty in the spring and in the summer.


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