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Henna for hair

Henna for hair
All know that henna for hair represents natural dye by means of which it is possible to give to hair a golden, red or copper-chestnut shade. Natural paint is made of dry leaves алканы, plants growing in Northern Asia which comprises a large quantity of tannins and essential oils. For this reason henna possesses as well improving effect – it strengthens hair, does stronger and brilliant, feeds them and perfectly relieves of dandruff. Henna for hair – a way of application

Before the beginning of coloring it is necessary to prepare special solution. It becomes very simply. It is enough to pour out bag contents in a cup, and then diligently to crush it. Then to fill in with hot water and to disturb before formation of a kashitsa of a homogeneous consistence. And already in some minutes when it will a little cool down, it is possible to begin coloring.

Here it is necessary to do everything quickly. To put henna on hair it is better by means of a flat brush. That the prepared solution completely did not cool down, it is recommended to be placed together with a cup in other vessel filled with hot water. Put on skin the head of a little olive or vegetable oil (will approach as well low-fat cream) that it was not painted over together with hair. Also do not forget to put on a glove! Begin coloring with roots, and then distribute a kashitsa on all hair. After that the head is necessary for wrapping up a cellophane package and a towel.

Time of endurance of paint on hair depends, first of all, on your hair. If they light, there are enough 10 minutes, and if the dark – about an hour. By the way, on black hair henna as dye, will not work.

Now, when time passed, henna wash away warm water, without shampoo use. If the shade seems to you too bright, wash out the head water with soap.

By the way, about shades. Here too there is a small cunning … Adding in henna for hair various substances and natural dyes, it is possible to receive a fashionable hair color. So, for example, if in a kashitsa from henna to drip some drops of beet juice, it is possible to receive strongly pronounced purple tone. And if to add it is a little coffee or cocoa, the chestnut of different degree of a saturation (coffee – more dark) will turn out. For effect of "mahogany" it is possible to flow in cahors wine paint, and for bright copper, golden color fill in it instead of water with camomile solution.

Henna for hair – advantages and shortcomings

Henna for hair possesses a number of clear advantages:

First of all, henna for hair the natural dye which is not containing ammonia and other harmful impurity, capable to spoil your hair. Besides, thanks to it it can be applied both during time, and in chest feeding of the kid.

Secondly, to apply it it is possible on any, even the weakened hair. Natural dye not only will not break without that fragile integrity of structure of hair, and on the contrary, will strengthen them, having made more dense and volume.

And, at last, henna – quickly to get rid a fine way of dandruff and to clear head skin.

However, speaking about pluses, it is important to note and some shortcomings of henna for hair:

First, it is not capable to paint over a gray hair.

Secondly, after use of natural dye the professional hair-dye very badly undertakes. In certain cases there can even be slightly green shade. Besides, on the hair painted by henna it is impossible to make a chemical wave – hair are straightened.

Some also rank its resistance as henna shortcomings. Therefore before drawing always it is necessary to put on glove hands. Otherwise then nails will need to be washed.

Our Female magazine pays your attention, exists as well colourless henna for hair by means of which it is possible to treat and strengthen simply hair, without changing their natural shade.

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