How to straighten hair in house conditions, the hair dryer – councils | Hair Health and Beauty 

How to straighten hair in house conditions, the hair dryer – councils

How to straighten hair in house conditions, the hair dryer - councils
So, you decided to straighten the hair? Certainly, it is possible long and to argue tiresomely that it is necessary to be proud of such hair which to you are presented by the nature and to support their initial appearance, but, nevertheless, if you lit up dream to make your hair direct and obedient, anything cannot stop you from this step any more.

And instead of the necessary and long lectures about harm of mechanical impact on hair, we will better consider the most optimum options of their straightening by means of which it is possible to achieve ideal appearance of your hair:


That it is necessary to make to straighten hair in house conditions

Effectively to straighten hair, wash up them and rinse them in the usual way.
By means of a towel dry up hair, carefully drying each lock. Do not forget about that. That damp hair are much more sensitive to different influences, in comparison with dry hair therefore be extremely accurate at the address with the hair, while they damp.

Put on hair a protective tool, by means of the hair dryer dry up hair.
If you use means for a hair straightening, put it on hair and evenly distribute on all surface of hair.

When you are in a beauty salon, can watch how your hair divide into separate locks in order that they needed to be combed. There is nothing more simply, rather than to repeat the same independently, in house conditions.

Try to make every effort in order that it turned out to divide hair into locks of identical width (if you are going to go soon to salon hairdressing salon, attentively track actions of the stylist). After you divided hair into locks, pin up the top part of hair on head top, and a bottom leave without changes.

With the help are accurate for hair, from the lower part of hair separate a small lock. Comb each lock, beginning from roots to tips, in parallel with it blow in hair by means of the hair dryer. Keep hair at arm’s length from head skin that the hair dryer not to burn sensitive skin. Thus, move ahead from a bottom of hair to the very top, gradually combing and processing the hair dryer all surface of hair.

Never keep hair under long influence of the hair dryer. The same effect, as long toothbrushing by means of a rigid toothbrush has it – that is can damage hair.

As you want to make hair direct, but not to damage in any way them – force of a tension which you do by means of a hairbrush, should be average. Besides, we will remind once again that damp hair are much more sensitive in comparison with dry hair.

After you stopped to process one segment of hair, it became direct and completely dry, repeat the same with the following locks. When all locks of hair in one segment are processed, you can fix this segment by means of a hairpin and continue processing of other part of hair above. Continue to process the remained hair in the same sequence as it is specified above.

How to straighten hair in house conditions, the hair dryer - councils
If you want the same hairdress as at Jennifer Aniston, then it is necessary for you to learn to use and it is desirable to get the special becoming straight iron for hair.

And, please, please, do not forget to use regularly the conditioner for hair to make them more softly and less susceptible to various influences.

In summary it would be desirable to tell that the more often you let’s to the hair dry a natural way, the your hair will be stronger and more healthy and that less damages they will receive in the course of laying.

Also do not forget to love itself and to repeat to itself constantly: "I the most charming and attractive", and then so will be always actually.  

Demanded tools for a hair straightening in house conditions:
Hair dryer;
Means for protection of hair;
Strengthening means;

During drying and a hair straightening by means of the hair dryer hold it at safe distance from head skin to avoid burns.