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How to keep firmness of color of the painted hair?

How to keep firmness of color of the painted hair?
Each girl who regularly paints the hair meets a problem of a saturation of color. You, probably, know about existence of painting balms and shampoos, a portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra offers you some other ways of protection of color from washing away and extension of firmness of color of the painted hair.

How to keep firmness of color of the painted hair?

One of problems of the painted hair is a preservation of a saturation and firmness of a hair color. It is known that artificial pigments are characterized by smaller firmness in comparison with natural dyes for hair therefore they tend to be washed away quickly after coloring of hair. It is besides proved that speed of washing away of color is caused by several factors among which frequency of washing of hair is in the lead.

Secrets of preservation of firmness of color:

  • Regular laying harmful influences not only health of hair, but also on their firmness of color after coloring. Ringlets lose shine, shades turn in dim and "gray". Therefore take for a rule steadily to put at laying performance spray on the basis of the silicone, protecting locks from harm of hot air.

  • "Decolours" hair as well an ultraviolet, for this reason make sure that your shampoo contains SPF. Or a little sun-protection cream add in balm, however surely carefully rinse hair.

  • How to keep firmness of color of the painted hair?
    As a result of each washing chlorine and магнезиум accumulate on hair which are a part some flowing water. For clarification of a head of hear from harmful components from time to time rinse it with solution of usual baking soda.

  • Do not know, how it is possible to "disguise" otrosshy dark roots painted in a fair hair? For this purpose it is necessary to put a few brown shadows on an old toothbrush and to "comb" it at roots is will help to soften contrast.

  • Also when coloring hair in case of, for example, gray hair it is necessary to observe certain rules: try to put paint on dry locks (water usually lowers temperature owing to what paint can badly be accepted); after procedure of coloring refrain from head washing within two days that skin fat helped color to be fixed (therefore also paint too do not wash away shampoo as it contains washing components in the structure).

  • Mask for preservation of firmness of color of the painted hair of house preparation: it is necessary to shake up two eggs in a glass with warm water, then a mix to put on hair. Further to rinse ringlets water and to start to massage head skin, thus rubbing a yolk. Then it is necessary to wrap hair in a towel for 10 minutes and carefully to wash out water.

Firmness of color of the painted hair: review of vegetative extracts

Application of vegetative extracts in compoundings for the painted hair promotes a long-term hair shine and more saturated color. So, specialists technologists recommend such vegetative extracts to use in balms and masks for hair …

How to keep firmness of color of the painted hair?
Your hair color – блонд?

Apply: camomile extract, calendula extract, extract of a lemon peel, laminaria extract (will return to hair shine), yarrow extract.

Your hair color – brown or very dark?

Apply: rosemary extract, camomile extract, calendula extract, sage extract, henna extract, raspberry extract, elder extract, extract of pomegranate, bilberry, walnut.

Extract of pomegranate has moistening action, softens and straightens the painted hair, strengthens their shine.

Your hair color – red?

Apply: calendula extract, camomile extract, hibiscus extract, raspberry extract, extract of red henna, extract of a cherry, a madder, cranberry berries (for preservation of brightness and firmness of color of the painted hair).

Our female Internet recommends the magazine: by means of active components and vegetative extracts you will manage to prolong firmness of color of the painted hair. Apply extracts in balms and masks to the painted hair!


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