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Kauterizatsiya in Omsk

Kauterizatsiya in Omsk
Here also there came long-awaited spring! Very soon the sun will begin to warm so that we at last will say goodbye to caps, and it means that the great attention will be given to hair. But, as a rule, after long winter our hair are very weakened: they dry and thin, dim and badly give in to laying, and these awful секущиеся tips… Certainly, the most part of a fine half of mankind such state of affairs cannot please. And here we already stand in a queue for every possible means on the care of hair, and are ready on everything if only our hair became again brilliant and silky. And as always to us new development to the aid comes to the beauty industries. All above-mentioned problems can be solved! It is necessary to address only in salon and to try special procedure which is directed on treatment and restoration of the damaged hair – a kauterizatsiya.


Kauterizatsiya in Omsk: advantages of procedure

Kauterizatsiya of a hair is a professional medical procedure which deeply feeds each hair, restores its damaged structure and provides thermoclosing чешуек each hair. In other words is a method of biological reconstruction of structure of hair.

Remember! The fashion begins with healthy, shining life and force of hair! Therefore attentively study a condition of the hair and familiarize with advantages of procedure of a kauterizatsiya of hair.

So that this procedure will give us:

  1. A hair food on all length and strengthening of bulbs of a root;
  2. Natural restoration and to healing of fibers, hair structures from within;
  3. Ideal alignment of a surface of a hair;
  4. It is possible to use in aggregate with oils for removal of toxins from a head integument;
  5. Prepares a hair for chemical influence (a wave, straightening, to strong decolouration).

It is necessary to pay attention also and that all products by means of which there is a treatment, contain only natural components. Besides, it is relaksiruyushchy procedure, allows to relax and have a rest from daily vanity (massage of 20-40 minutes) and with each procedure hair look more and more healthy and brilliant.

Kauterizatsiya in Omsk: technology of carrying out procedure

Procedure of a kauterizatsiya carry out with use of preparations specially developed for these purposes at the heart of which the extract from a core of a bamboo stalk which contains a large number so necessary for health of hair of substance – silicon lies.

The pro-dried peel of a kauterizatsiya of hair is carried out step by step:

  1. Procedure begins with soft clarification of head skin and hair, by means of restoring proteino-lipidny shampoo.
  2. Further the special protein concentrate is put on a processed surface, and then – restoring serum. Thanks to the unique properties these substances deeply get in each hair, fill them with mineral, lipidny and protein components.  The damaged structure of hair is as a result restored.
  3. At the final stage of procedure thermoclosing чешуек a hair is carried out. As a result, hair gain uniformity and smoothness of the structure, the shining shine healthy and a well-groomed look.

There are two ways of carrying out this procedure: cold and hot. Therefore initially expert продиагностирует a condition of hair, and depending on it already to choose a way of vosstanovitelny therapy. As a rule, for treatment so-so or strongly damaged hair the cold kauterizatsiya is appointed, the ekstrapovrezhdenny head of hear is exposed to impact on it a hot method.

Hair – procedure which lead only in beauty salons, in house conditions it it is not necessary to lead Kauterizatsy. It is necessary to understand also, it is not necessary to expect tremendous effect, having made only one procedure of a kauterizatsiya of hair. If you want to achieve necessary positive result, it is necessary to pass the whole plan of treatment which consists as governed not less than from four sessions.

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