Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs | Hair Health and Beauty 

Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs

Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs
Washing of hair – the simple procedure having the small secrets. Wish to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to observe rules of health of hair about which our female Internet portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra suggests to talk in this article.

Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs

Care of hair begins with their washing. Frequency of washing of hair depends on specific features of each person. To wash the head it is necessary in process of pollution, instead of according to fashionable tendencies. If your hair a long time remain pure, do not torment them daily washing.

Washing and opolaskivaniye of hair – cunnings

Directly ahead of washing of hair, it is necessary to comb them carefully. For this purpose it is best of all to use water of room temperature. Before starting drying of hair by a towel (to do it it is necessary quiet promakivayushchy movements), make to the head contrast baths. We gather two basins of water with cool and warm water, and we dip the head serially into one, and then and in other basin. The difference of temperatures promotes improvement of growth of hair, therefore, this procedure in particular is important for wishing to release long hair.

Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs
When washing the head it is desirable to refrain from:

1. uses of the shampoos intended to other type of hair;

2. daily washing of hair;

3. drawings of a large amount of shampoo on the dry or badly humidified hair;

4. a strong friction of hair during washing;

5. an opolaskivaniye of hair in a basin as thus it will not be possible to remove all pollution and the shampoo remains;

6. uses when washing hair of too hot water;

7. excessive twisting and wipe of hair terry towel;

8. combing of wet and damp hair by a brush or hairbrush;

9. drying hair the hair dryer, working in a hot mode.

Opolaskivaniye of a hair – house recipes

To correct imperfections of hair, to make beautiful hair the opolaskivaniye of hair will help also. Light beer – excellent means which is suitable for all types of hair (after an opolaskivaniye is necessary to wait and wash out minute the head flowing water).

If you are an owner of dry hair, then best of all use broths of a camomile, hop, a sage and мальвы.

To an oily hair infusions from a mix of a camomile, an acorus and a nettle, taken in equal proportions, or broth from burdock rhizomes will be improbably useful. After procedure of an opolaskivaniye of hair by grassy infusions hair can be not washed out water.

Opolaskivaniye of a hair: beauty and health without drugs
If you have dark hair, after washing of the head it is possible to rinse hair with ivy infusion for giving of beautiful shine by it. We take 10-15 leaves of an ivy, we fill in them with 1 l of boiled water, densely we close a cover and we leave for 10 minutes. After that we filter infusion and we use as means for an opolaskivaniye of hair.

Fair hair can be changed by means of an opolaskivaniye camomile infusion. The recipe can be complicated a little. We boil within 10 minutes pair of spoons of a chemist’s camomile, we filter and we add pair of tablespoons of vinegar. After rinsing by such broth the volume and a hair shine are guaranteed.

Our female online the magazine pays your attention what to carry out an opolaskivaniye of hair it is desirable regularly as a traditional stage for each washing of the head. Only then the result will be rather appreciable and long.

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