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Top-5 means to recover health and beauty to hair

Top-5 means to recover health and beauty to hair
If you need to solve a problem of dry, fragile, dropping-out hair, besides the help of the qualified expert in a good beauty salon of Omsk, you can use our councils and look after hair independently. Recipes which we offer you, very simple and demand the minimum investments. As result – a healthy, thick, silky hair.

If at you секущиеся and a brittle hair

Mix a honey tablespoon with a castor oil tablespoon. Add to it a yolk of one egg and on one ampoule of vitamins B12, В6, В1. With the received mix grease hair, keep forty minutes, having covered hair with a polyethylene film. It is recommended to do this mask every week.

If you have oily and brittle hair

Mix 3 tablespoons of vodka, a half-glass of birch tar, a half-glass of olive oil. The received mix place in capacity, store in a dark place.

If you have a dandruff

The following recipe perfectly is suitable for hair of any type. Forever to forget about dandruff, rub to head skin 3 times a week the special mix consisting of a teaspoon of soda (by the way we already told how to apply soda to the person) which dissolve in a glass of warm water. One more effective remedy relieving of dandruff, natural apple vinegar is. Rinse hair with a half of a glass of vinegar when wash the head while dandruff will not disappear absolutely.

The mask moistening hair

Use this simple, but very effective national method to humidify hair. Mix 10 g of shampoo, on 20 g of the kastorovy and not refined sunflower oil. The received mix put evenly on hair, comb them carefully massage brush, in minutes fifteen wash out hair water.

Conditioner which will add shine to your hair

Before washing dark hair, it is good to rinse them with the following infusion: 6 teaspoons of the natural coffee made by liter of boiled water. If your hair have a light shade, use conditioners from a mix of lemon or orange juice with water in a proportion 3:1.

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