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Dekapirovaniye of a hair

Dekapirovaniye of a hair
Speaking more simply so call removal from hair undesirable (or bothered) color shades by means of sparing means. Many women are familiar with a situation when after coloring of hair that color which wished turns out not. How in such cases to return to hair former color? Still quite recently it was impossible to make it, in particular, if the natural hair color was dark. But, as speak, the science is not necessary on a place, and now to the aid of us procedure which call a dekapirovaniye of hair comes.

Dekapirovaniye of a hair

Procedure of a dekapirovaniye can be carried out in beauty salons at the professional master. The master puts special chemical solution on hair, distributing it on all length. For twenty – thirty minutes hair cheshuyka reveal, the former shade is deduced. Then the master puts composition of paint of a desirable shade on the processed hair. New color will keep much more long usual as it gets deep into a hair through open cheshuyka.

In performance of procedure it is necessary to count strictly all proportions, otherwise consequences can be pitiable and irreversible.

Dekapirovaniye of a hair – a superficial way of drawing

As a rule, distinguish a superficial and deep dekapirovaniye of hair. The structures applied to a superficial dekapirovaniye, have some no oxidizers and operate as an extract of a painting pigment. This type of processing of hair helps to get rid of a rough shade and various spots. Such dekapirovaniye when it is necessary to level or correct color is used. Differently, to change color it is no more than on two tones, however for carrying out procedure the salon should be visited several times.

Dekapirovaniye of a hair – a deep way of drawing

If the superficial dekapirovaniye of results did not bring, resort to a deep way. In this case more intensive solutions with which at first process problem zones are used, and then already distribute on all length of hair. The deep dekapirovaniye provides clarification of hair on four tones. After the first procedure hair become red. Repeated procedure can be carried out not earlier, than in fourteen days. If this rule to neglect, it is possible to earn an excessive hair loss as the structure contains пергидроль and ammonia.

Independently to use such mix also it is not recommended. Structures are made for a dekapirovaniye in the form of a powder or special napkins. Though available as a part of such smyvka for hair components are picked up so that to do the minimum harm, procedure means application of chemicals which inevitably destroy structure of hair. Thereof hair dry up, get a dim shade.

Dekapirovaniye of a hair – recommendations

professional hairdressers recommend to paint hair right after a dekapirovaniye as paint links the revealed hair cheshuyka and coloring turns out extremely resistant. To liquidate unpleasant consequences of use of a smyvka for hair, it is necessary to apply every possible masks and balms which will be напитывать hair useful substances throughout a long time, giving them a well-groomed and healthy look.

Dekapirovaniye can be carried out a hair and in house conditions. Smyvka for hair in this case prepares from natural components without use of chemicals. Their number includes various vegetable oils, for example, almond, repeyny, olive, kastorovy. Sour-milk products also join: kefir, curdled milk. Alcoholic beverages: cognac, beer. And last component laundry soap.

In the city of Pyatigorsk the dekapirovaniye of hair can be made in the beauty salon "Galatea".

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