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Hairbrush for hair. How it to choose?

Hairbrush for hair. How it to choose?
Women, as a rule, spend big money for expensive products on the care of hair, and absolutely neglect a part which assumes a hairbrush choice in spite of the fact that it is an important step when business reaches care of hair. After all not correctly picked up hairbrush for hair can ruin health of your hair completely. There can be a question: how to treat a limp and brittle hair.

There is a set of types of hairbrushes: plastic, synthetic, natural – all of them have special properties for the solution of your problems. The Beauty Country with pleasure will tell our female magazine to you about them.

Ventilating hairbrush for hair

Hair dressing in house conditions always is a big problem. Without the professional help it is so difficult to receive result which can be received at salon visit. To lay a hairstyle use a ventilating hairbrush which is thinner than a massage hairbrush and it is made of plastic or ceramics.

This hairbrush is convenient for holding, and it with ease will replace a massazhka. It is suitable for different types of hair. Moreover, this hairbrush for hair is easily cleaned, removal of hair from such hairbrush will pass with little effort, and big openings allow air to move freely, therefore, do process of drying simpler.

Hairbrush for hair – "oar"

It is distinguished by wider gear shovel with a pillow, and the bristle with a soft rubber tip – such hairbrush for hair allows to untangle knots accurately. Its airbag softens disentangling process, affecting gently head skin and hair.

If you prefer a tree – remember that it is the natural conductor of heat for this reason it reduces time of drying and will neutralize a static electricity. If your hair curling – begin disentangling process from the ends to roots. Hairbrushes with pillows are ideally suited for the fragile and damaged hair, and also for thin hair.

Big round hairbrush for hair

Long straight hair, apparently, dream of each woman. The hair straightening in Tyumen is quite available procedure. For this purpose the big round hairbrush which will smooth long hair is necessary to you. You can choose a hairbrush from a combination of synthetic and natural bristles which will make long hair soft and brilliant, and also will stimulate head skin.

 If you choose a ceramic hairbrush, it will accelerate drying process. Round brushes are intended not only for creation of beautiful waves and ringlets. Big round hairbrushes often use to straighten a curly hair and to add volume.

Semicircular hairbrush for hair

If you want to wrap the ends, use a semicircular hairbrush with a natural bristle, it will make your hair smooth and brilliant. All of us love hairdresses with the curled ends, with such hairbrush, it can be made quickly and beautifully, without demanding thus too many tools for modeling.

Hairbrush for hair with a natural bristle

Hairbrush for hair with a natural bristle the best option if you want to add some volume to hair. This rigid, but not aggressive fiber protects fragile hair and does not cause static character. Its thick shchetinka easily will help to untangle hair.

Besides, it has big advantage – it is ideally suited for children, after all it is rather difficult to untangle children’s hair. The hairbrush with a natural bristle is an ideal choice for a thick hair. The natural bristle also stimulates and cleans head skin.

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