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Hairstyle hot scissors in Cheboksary

The hairstyle hot scissors in Cheboksary service available and popular, allows to keep to hair beauty and health, relieves them from секущихся the ends. About it we will in detail talk in today’s article of our female magazine.

Pluses of a hairstyle of hair hot scissors

The ordinary tool of the hairdresser, cutting hair, leaves a tip open owing to what it loses moisture, is exposed to an adverse effect of environment. As a result of hair becomes dry and fragile, and tips секущимися.

Hot scissors solder a hair cut, leaving it closed therefore useful substances do not leave hair, and tips not секутся. The name "hot" figurative as scissors do not heat up. All temperature mode is directed only on a cut and for each client is individual. Programming of extent of heating is made directly on the device of hot scissors.

Hairstyle – where it is necessary to do by hot scissors

The hairstyle device hot scissors is not in each salon of Cheboksary therefore before a campaign to the favourite master, specify, whether it practises this service. The price policy is also various. Unfortunately, the range is very wide, from this it follows that it is necessary to choose carefully. It would not be desirable to give the hair to the layman. By phone specify, how many there is a procedure and that it from herself represents. If you receive the full answer and service cost – average, it is possible to stop the choice on this salon.

As a rule, before procedure carry out diagnostics of hair by the special device. It allows to find out degree of a povrezhdennost and hair structure. According to the received indications the master programs a temperature mode individually.

As it occurs

Procedure rather long, depending on length of hair borrows from one to two hours. First of all the master braids each lock in жгутик and shears секущиеся tips on all length. Then carefully looks through all scalp and cuts remained unnoticed the ends. If you decided to make a hairstyle and to clean length of hair, it also continue to do by the device. In case of preservation of length of hair by hot scissors the form is given and in the conclusion the master does laying.

To reach desirable effect, three-four times, further necessarily are necessary to repeat procedure monthly.

If with a hairstyle everything is clear, how affairs with coloring are? Skilled masters argue that a hairstyle hot scissors better to do after coloring as the hair-dye in itself is an adverse factor for hair. Moreover in the soldered hair paint keeps color more long.

After a hairstyle hot scissors

You will feel result after the first procedure. Hair become smooth, obedient and healthy. Coloring and a melirovaniye does not result in dryness if to fix them hot scissors, and color will remain on an order more long. On all indicators the advantage is obvious to hair.

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