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Hair straightening on biotechnology


Hair straightening on biotechnology
Hair straightening on biotechnology

While owners of a straight hair aspire to turn them into ringlets and coquettish curls, women with curly or curly hair try different methods of straightening. One of such methods is the hair straightening with the help an utyuzhka. Only the result pleases short time, after all the problem of fragility and dryness of the hair comes to change of pleasure, caused just action such an utyuzhka. Other popular way is chemical straightening. Plus of this procedure is the effect of a beautiful and straight hair. But at continuous action of chemical components appear секущиеся tips. And already starts to excite a hair reconstruction. After a frequent hair straightening in the various ways start to visit thoughts, to be exact – dreams of such method of alignment of hair that there were no negative consequences for health. And fortunately, these dreams are real. After all there is a biostraightening which as well as lamination of hair, gains popularity in beauty salons.

Hair straightening, biosecrets

Than the hair straightening on biotechnology is so remarkable? From where round it there is so much noise? And the secret of love of women to this procedure is covered that at its implementation there are no harmful effects on hair. Biostraightening speaks firm "no" to chemical components and destruction of structure of a hair. And it means that it is possible to forget about a problem overdried and секущихся a hair. The main secret of this technology consists in drawing on hair of the mineral rectifier. After that influence of negative ions is necessary. The rectifier gets into hair structure thanks to destruction of molecules and office of microparticles from each other. Very important point is that the maintenance of the rectifier does not include the alkalis used for a chemical hair straightening. At such procedure you will be not not frightened by growth of hair as otrosshy hair will create effect of radical chemistry. And your hair will look ideally smooth and at the same time lifted at roots. If you want the straightened hair from the roots constantly, it is possible to carry out radical biostraightening.

How do a hair straightening by the BIO method?

The hair straightening is carried out by the BIO method from two to five hours. Duration of time depends on what at you type of hair. The specialist of salon puts  the rectifier containing special mineral components on damp hair. After that the rectifier is washed away, and hair are subject to drying. Thus there is not a usual drying of hair, and the special hair dryer intended for this procedure. Biostraightening is necessary to do one or two times in half a year. Hair after such straightening do not demand special and quivering leaving.

The most interesting that it is possible to do biostraightening on hair and after a chemical wave, and not just on natural curls and ringlets. Head skin and hair will not be damaged and weakened. Today the hair straightening the BIO method has high popularity among cinema and show business stars, after all representatives of these spheres have no right on not perfect hair. Thanks to procedure of biostraightening which is led by the best beauty salons of Moscow, you can forget about curling and секущихся hair.

Julia Borisova


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