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Dry shampoo – all truth about means

Dry shampoo – all truth about means
In the world cosmetic market dry shampoo appeared long ago, and here for Russians it is quite new product.

Dry shampoo – all truth about means

In a blog sphere dry shampoos actively discuss, bloggers cannot understand yet: it is panacea or absolutely unsuitable cosmetic? Let’s be defined together with a female portal the Beauty Country Tyumen!

What is the dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a cosmetic product by means of which it is possible to refresh hair, to get rid of a greasy luster when absolutely there is no time to wash up the head or not such possibility. For example, on a trip; in the morning when you are late for work or on a business meeting; in the evening, before appointment.

Types of dry shampoo

Dry shampoos mainly are issued in the form of an aerosol that is very convenient in use (in particular if the product is presented in the road version – 50 ml). For application vigorously stir up a ballonchik with shampoo and put it on roots of hair on hair partings. It is important to observe distance from a spray to roots – about 20 see, otherwise means will be non-uniformly distributed and to leave extensive white spots on hair. 

Dry shampoo – all truth about means
After means drawing slightly tousle fingers hair that on all length shampoo was distributed, and then comb out the remains a hairbrush for hair. You will notice lack of fat which was adsorbed, and also emergence of easy or considerable volume (depending on the chosen means).

Also dry shampoo in the form of a usual powder meets. It is not so convenient to put this means, as spray (to powder with it roots of hair it is necessary very accurately), but it is much more economic than an aerosol (150 ml. an aerosol the powder in the same volume – in 6 months and more) is used for 8-10 applications.

The structure practically all dry shampoos includes talc and corn starch. And it means that in emergency situations use instead of dry shampoo of this starch or usual children’s powder is admissible. But completely to replace with them store dry shampoo it is not necessary, after all it includes except these components also others which refresh, look after and protect hair.

Why according to many, dry shampoo – is useless?

Many consider means useless, despite simple arithmetics: application of dry shampoo takes 1-5 minutes while on care of hair (this usual washing of the head plus drying of hair) leaves 20-30 minutes. It is connected with what not all, alas, are able to use it correctly. It is very important to maintain the distance specified above – 20 see. If to spray dry shampoo closely to roots, means turns into a huge white spot which in a consequence is heaviest for subtracting from hair. The effect is similar to that to you on the head simply poured out a flour bowl. This fact constrains many girls from purchase commission.

The also many expect to receive by means of dry shampoo not only pure hair, but also beautiful hair without a greasy luster, and also freshness of hair for long term. Though thus producers promise effect only at some o’clock. It is necessary to remember it!

Dry shampoo – all truth about means
Advantages and shortcomings of use of dry shampoos


– considerable reduction and simplification of procedure of disposal of a greasy luster and osvezheniye of hair;

– giving of volume not only to a thick hair, but even the thinnest;

– application possibility in any place and at any time;

– for all types of hair.


– impossibility of replacement of usual shampoo forever;

– accumulative effect;

– not profitability;

– lack of shine.

To use or not to use dry shampoo – a personal record of everyone! But thanks to our female Internet magazine you know not only about existence of such means, but also about all its properties!


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