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Dandruff! I want healthy hair!

Dandruff! I want healthy hair!
Dandruff is anything other as a peeling of head skin which is actively shown during combing of hair. Usually slices of being shelled skin settle on clothes and look as tiny snowflakes.


Dandruff: emergence reasons

The reasons of emergence of dandruff can be much: weather conditions, infectious diseases, shortage in an organism of certain useful substances, vitamins and to that the similar reasons can be them. But, fortunately, to get rid of dandruff possibly. For this purpose it is necessary to follow simply to some councils and recommendations about the prevention and treatment of a peeling of head skin about which to you and will tell our female Internet magazine.

It is very important to support the head of pure and free dandruff from existence. Therefore it is important to use for head washing special qualitative shampoo against dandruff at least 2-3 times a week. After shampoo use, it is necessary to use also the conditioner for an opolaskivaniye of hair. It will reduce gravity of a problem at least twice. Massage with use of hot olive or coconut oil also will help to improve a head skin condition, thanks to deep moistening.

Thermal impact on hair of any kind also protects skin from emergence of dandruff. However it is not necessary to use excessively often the hair dryer for drying of hair as under the influence of an artificial wind head skin is quickly dried up, and there is a dandruff. But only some minutes under the sun during the day will promote improvement of a condition of head skin. If to add in hot oil a pinch of black pepper and to put the received mix on the head, it is possible to receive quite effective remedy for treatment of head skin for dandruff. Also effective remedy from dandruff is the regular opolaskivaniye of hair a mix of water and apple vinegar. The mix of lemon juice and water too represents a fine barrier from emergence of dandruff.

The aloe belief possesses antibacterial properties and if to use gel on its basis for mitigation of hair, it is possible to get rid of dandruff also. Oil of seeds of a pazhitnik also are excellent means for head skin treatment as possess anti-inflammatory to properties and moisten skin. A mask for hair on the basis of eggs – too fine means for disposal of dandruff. In addition, it is possible to do masks for head skin with use of fresh yogurt.

Besides specified above remedies, it is necessary to watch a condition and purity of a hairbrush carefully. As it is possible wash the hairbrush more often, regularly change bedding and adhere to the balanced diet for hair. Thanks to observance of all these simple rules, it is possible to get rid and forget with ease about dandruff forever. The Beauty country Ryazan wishes you to have healthy, brilliant and beautiful hair!

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