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Comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment in the Laboratory

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Comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment in the Laboratory
All want to have magnificent hair but in order that they were beautiful, hair should be healthy …

Any hair demand leaving and care daily, but sometimes it any more does not suffice – "ambulance" and long treatment is necessary for hair.

In what treatment consists in AMD Laboratories? Vrachi trikhologi use the most effective remedies of therapy which steal up in each separate case strictly individually, taking into account features and disease forms. The main objective – to achieve in the shortest terms of stable positive results. For this purpose by experts it is developed and the whole complex which can be broken into base therapy – procedures, and additional appointments of the attending physician is applied.

In many respects efficiency of treatment depends on structure of preparations. Preparations of AMD of Lraboratoiya are multicomponent mixes which help to reach positive results after several procedures, quickly to remove an aggravation and unpleasant feelings on head skin, to achieve comfort and removal of an emotional stress from the patient. Preparations differ various intensity on impact on head skin. In some cases preparations give so notable positive effect that already on the first procedures process of loss of hair and intensity of skin vysypaniye considerably decreases. Unpleasant feelings almost completely disappear. And it is very important for a psycho-emotional condition of the patient. We do not use the medicines possessing hormonal or system action, i.e. they do not get into bodies and fabrics and do not cause accustoming.

Comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment in the Laboratory
In AMD of Laboratory pay much attention to development of new technologies in the field of hair loss treatment. The leading experts working in the field of biology, physiology, dermatology and a trikhologiya, chemistry take part in the solution of this question. The new preparation which does not have analogs in a modern trikhologiya became result of their joint work.

In AMD system of Laboratory treatment of all types of alopetsiya is possible. On primary consultation the importance, besides collecting the anamnesis and external survey, is given to the computer microanalysis of hair, фототрихограмме. These are modern and informative methods of diagnostics, allowing to reveal the slightest changes of bulbs, to establish the final diagnosis and to plan therapy of each specific patient.

Except obligatory medicamentous impact on a hairy part of head skin treatment surely includes use of unique means in Laboratory AMD on the structure on the care of hair – shampoos, masks, balm and lotions which steal up also individually taking into account features of a disease of the patient.

Except shampoos for beauty and shine of your head of hear vitamins, biologically active additives and means of herbal medicine will fight. It is worth to remember and about old, kind massage. Specially developed, acupressure not only removes stress of head skin, and do not injure hair, but also improves blood supply of hair follicles.

One more making factor of complex treatment is the physiotherapy. Electrostimulation, quantum therapy and other additional procedures allow to strengthen considerably action of the main, base therapy, to improve microblood circulation and a lymph, to open reserve capillary networks in the struck areas, so to give a new push to growth of healthy hair.

On doctor’s orders to patients if necessary appoint ozone procedure – and mesotherapies.

Despite all these wonderful substances, success it is possible only in that case when the doctor appoints an optimum mode of procedures, and the patient carries out all instructions. Prepare to that it is necessary to make certain efforts. And in summary it would be desirable to tell. Practical experience of medical work shows, what exactly daily, pedantic performance of all appointments of the doctor with what insignificant and insignificant they did not seem, allows not only to reduce standard terms of treatment in one and a half-two time, but also to gain stable maximum effect in the form of increase in density and splendor of hair. You can return yourselves former beauty and appeal, it is necessary to want, and to believe in success.

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