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Трихолог is who?

Трихолог is who?
Each woman dreams of a magnificent head of hear, with special care of the woman start to preen feathers on the head prefer on the threshold of spring before «to take off a cap».
After winter hair become fragile and dim, are quickly salted, the hairdress loses volume. An excellent occasion to visit the hairdresser.

Трихолог – we find out a problem.

In the spring for this reason the number of visitors in hairdressing salons and beauty salons increases. The hairstyle well is suitable for revival of hair hot scissors. It not only refreshes a hairdress, but also deprives of you секущихся tips of hair. After such hairstyle hair will easier stack and the hairdress will please with the volume. The hairstyle, coloring, melirovany and other cosmetic procedures well are suitable for an osvezheniye of your image, but sometimes it is not enough of them for your hair.

If you disturb one of the following questions:

– hair loss;

– fat head skin;

– dandruff, – that it is necessary to address to трихологу.

Трихолог is who?

Vrach trikholog is a narrow expert. Area of its studying are hair and actually hairy part of head skin, a structure, growth phases of hair. Трихолог develops techniques for prevention and treatment of hair and head skin.

The science about hair, a trikhologiya, arose in the West at the beginning of the last century. But its development was the share of the second half of the twentieth century. The trikhologichesky centers opened, in them treated and specially prepared professionals rendered the services only, the training and research centers later began to appear. In Russia about a trikhologiya started talking at the end of the last century, and the first professionals in this area appeared a few years ago. Frankly speaking, still there is no such specialty as "doctor-trikholog" in our country. And where undertake трихологи? It is considered to be that the science about hair is dermatokosmetologiya subsection. Besides, that трихолог selects and appoints treatment, but also itself and carries out all necessary procedures with the head of the client.

Трихолог – how to find the expert?

Трихолога it is possible to find as in city hospital, in beauty salon of beauty, and at beauty institutes. Register in reception to трихологу and except nebkhodimy procedures, to you special care of head skin will be picked up recognizing that brought you to this expert and specific features.

The hairdress for the woman is an important part of external shape. Not a secret that it should be in harmony with type of hair, their density, and, of course, style and a way of life of her owner. Health of hair demands the balanced approach to them.

The female magazine reminds that beautiful hair are an indicator of your health and love to! Love and take care, dear Women.

Olya Klubnichnaya

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