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Glazing of hair – a fast way to healthy and brilliant hair!

In infinite advertizing of shampoos we see, what brilliant, well-groomed, volume hair at girls. And most likely, we do not believe in such effect. At least, from shampoo. Really such fine hair – work of masters of Photoshop? And in life such effect is impossible? Do not worry, it is possible. The Country of Beauty will tell the female Internet magazine to you about glazing of hair.

Glazing of hair: what it and how it is applied?

Glazing (in a different way – a glazurirovaniye) a hair is a procedure which does your hair shining, shining, fills them with health and force. This procedure is based on a covering of your hair by special colourless or color glaze (glaze is medical cosmetic). In this mix contain artificial керамиды, oil jojoba, alpha нафтол and other important elements which restore a hair from within and by that level it on all length.

Glazing carry out both on natural, and on the painted hair. This procedure lasts no more than an hour.

The first stage of glazing of hair is their washing by special shampoo which approaches as hair. Then structure put on your locks, slightly receding from roots of hair on 2 cm, distribute structure on all length and grant a respite for some minutes.

Glazing as an utyuzhok which hides roughnesses and roughnesses on a hair which are characteristic for секущихся, injured by continuous laying and the overdried hair.

Glazing levels a hair, does it smooth and brilliant, as in any advertizing of shampoo. Besides, after this procedure the volume of hair as a film from glaze утолщает a hair, raising it at a root increases, but does not create effect of an oily hair.

Glazing will be suitable for all types of hair, but especially – for thin and curling as after procedure hair will be электризоваться and пушиться less.Glazing of hair - a fast way to healthy and brilliant hair!
Besides, glaze is suitable for a youthful hair, for the laminated hair, for hair after a chemical wave and building or chemical straightening.

Lack of procedure

Procedure of glazing of hair has one minus: effect from it short-lived. Unfortunately, effect of glaze lasts only some weeks, and after it is completely washed away from your hair. Certainly, in case you wash the head rather seldom, the effect of glazing can be kept for a month, but after all the same it is necessary to address in a beauty salon for new procedure. Glazing in the majority of salons costs cheaper hairstyles and hairdresses. Remember that to reach medical effect, glazing of hair is required to be carried out regularly.

Effect of brilliant and equal hair it is possible. The Beauty country advises Ryazan to you to use glazings not only for creation of fine effect «a hair from shampoo advertizing», but also for treatment of hair.


GLAZING of HAIR in Ryazan can be made in the beauty salon "Glamour"

Ryazan, Pervomaysky Ave, 70/1

ph.: +7 (4912) 76-21-01



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