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Hairstyle hot scissors – down with секущиеся the ends!

Hairstyle hot scissors - down with секущиеся the ends!
Many women pour out on the heads of ton of advertized shampoos and means for fight with секущимися tips, regularly shear секущиеся the ends of the hair, endowing their length. But the effect is still not here. And, can, the whole matter is in the hairstyle? Our female magazine tried to understand this question.

Hairstyle hot scissors – down with секущиеся the ends!

At the beginning of 21 centuries one German firm made really unique discovery – a hot hairstyle of hair. To be exact, special scissors which are capable to heat up to a certain temperature were invented.

In what way hot scissors and секущиеся tips of your hair are connected?

The matter is that at a usual hairstyle tips of hair imperceptibly, but regularly are damaged, become porous and, in this regard, constantly test on itself negative impact of environment. And if your hair to crown it all dry and fragile, in that case секущиеся tips are simply inevitable.

With hot scissors business is absolutely in a different way. The matter is that during such hairstyle warm scissors as though solder a tip of each hair, let’s be stratified by it and keeping its integrity. After a hairstyle hot scissors hair look smooth and brilliant, keep within and not электризуются easier.

Moreover, the professional hairdresser selects temperature, optimum for your type of hair, and programs it on the special device. The most surprising that hot scissors just remain cold and do not heat up, and temperature increase occurs in a point of a cut of a hair.

Often in good beauty salons the master carries out complete diagnostics of your hair before a hairstyle, reveals their type, structure and estimates a condition as a whole.

The hairstyle hot scissors lasts, as a rule, more long than a usual hairstyle. As a whole this procedure takes about one and a half hours.

Why such time difference?

The matter is that during a hot hairstyle the hairdresser makes with your hair really jeweler work. The master braids thin zhgutoobrazny locks from your hair, and one for another laboriously and carefully relieves them from секущихся the ends which stick out from жгутиков.

After all hair are worked thus, the hairdresser starts directly a hairstyle – cuts tips and gives to hair a desirable form.

However it is not necessary to agree on such habitual much the subsequent tapering of hair. In that case all efforts on processing of locks by hot scissors become simply senseless – thinning shears will damage again tips.

How it is often possible to do a hairstyle by hot scissors?

The more often, the better! Take itself for a rule to be cut only thus, and then you will be struck with results. Your hair after several such hairstyles become improbably well-groomed – smooth, brilliant, obedient.

Moreover, you should not lose each time such length of hair expensive to your heart, shearing секущиеся the ends. By the way, about секущихся the ends you in general will forget, if prefer a hairstyle hot scissors to a usual hairstyle.

The difference is obvious – it was necessary to try only – advises our portal about beauty in Kostroma!

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