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Henna for hair: Beautiful and bright shades!


Henna for hair: Beautiful and bright shades!
Henna is known since the most ancient times and its popularity is not lost even today. If you think that henna can give to hair only copper and red color, know it it is far not so. The country of Beauty prepared for you interesting article about how in house conditions it is possible to do various colors and shades by means of henna.

What is the henna for hair?

Henna for hair becomes from a plant of a lavsoniya which grows in some countries of Africa and the Middle East. By the way, of a lavsoniya still do essential oil for perfumery. To this purpose apply white-pink a flower which let out a specific smell. Henna for hair becomes from leaves, by means of drying and a peremalyvaniye in a powder. Leaves from high branches are ideal for a list on skin, because in them more than painting substances. Henna for hair: Beautiful and bright shades!

The list on skin is widespread in the countries of the Middle East and is used in the religious purposes. Drawings keep about three weeks depending on additives.

Lavsoniya is used in east medicine, as disinfectant and dermatological means. During ancient times henna used for treatment of various diseases of skin, an oral cavity and even diseases of bones.

Henna use for hair.

If you think of a question, what hair-dye is better, start to use natural vegetative paints. A thick hair is a reality which is given by henna for hair. Besides, henna for hair helps to get rid of dandruff and simply find for people with an allergy to usual chemical paints. It is possible to include henna for hair in home care of hair.

The unique minus of coloring by henna is that after it it is impossible to use chemical paint, the effect can be unexpected. The unique exit – to wait, when hair отрастут.

Henna quickly loses properties at interaction with air. Usually a powder keep in vacuum packing, and after opening use everything without the rest.

Colourless henna will be suitable for hair to the girls, dreaming to grow strong, healthy hair. In a mask it is possible to add natural essential oils or extracts of herbs of a camomile, a burdock and a nettle.

With henna for hair it is possible to achieve practically any color and a shade. It depends on time of coloring and interaction of various vegetative substances. And want to try to make an interesting shade?

Henna for hair: Beautiful and bright shades!
Recipes of various shades.

  • The saturated golden-yellow.

To take 200 grams of dry stalks of a rhubarb and to connect to a bottle of white dry wine. To boil while liquid will not decrease by a half. In the remained broth to add a henna bag for hair. A mix to put on hair and to hold about 30 minutes.

  • Old gold.

2 grams of a saffron to boil 5 minutes, to add henna for hair and to put on hair.

  • The saturated honey and copper.

To make two tablespoons of a chemist’s camomile in boiled water, to filter and add henna for hair.

  • Color an eggplant with a lilac shade.

We take freshly squeezed beet juice, we heat up to 60 degrees and we add a henna bag.

  • Color mahogany.

To take 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa and to mix with henna. To fill in a mix with boiled water before receiving a homogeneous kashitsa and did not cool down yet, to put a mix on pure and dry hair.

  • Bright red shade.

To take two tablespoons of a root of a madder and to boil in one glass of water. In broth to add henna.

  • Bright chestnut shade.

To take 4 teaspoons with top of ground coffee, to fill in with a boiled water glass. To boil 5 minutes, a few to cool. To add a henna bag.

  • Chocolate shade.

To take one tablespoon of leaves of a walnut and to boil. To the received broth to add a henna bag.

  • Color of cinnamon.

To take two tablespoons of a drobleny shell of a walnut and long boils, before obtaining dense color. To broth to add a bag of henna and to put on hair.

  • Bronze shade.

Such shade gives to hair a powder a mix басмы with henna. And in a proportion two parts of henna on one part басмы. If to change proportions, color will be another. Basma without henna in general gives greenish-dark blue color.

  • Chestnut color.

To mix three parts of henna and one part басмы.

  • Bluish-black color.

To take henna and басму in equal proportions. At first in hair to put separately henna, to hold its at least one hour, to wash away. After that to paint basmy, to hold not less than two hours.