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How to make hair beautiful


How to make hair beautiful
Beautiful, brilliant, silky and voluminous hair is a dream of any woman. How to make your hair stronger and beautiful will tell our Internet жунал.


How to make hair beautiful

At first we should understand: Beauty of hair on what it depends?

First, appearance of your hair depends on leaving. Minor signs are your way of life, and also a state of your health.

Let’s try to allocate three main directions of care of hair.


Drying, laying

A food of hair which includes various masks, opolaskivaniye, etc.

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How to make hair beautiful: correct washing of the head

Let’s begin with the correct washing of the head.

Basic rules:

Question of that how often it is necessary to wash the head demands an individual approach and depends on type of hair. For dry hair norm of times in 5-7 days. Fat it is possible to wash daily. If you used a varnish or other styling spray, in the evening, it is desirable to wash the head.

What detergent is better for using? Use of soap is not recommended. It is not intended for washing of hair and overdries them, doing weak and dim. For washing of hair use shampoo, for an opolaskivaniye – grassy broths better, it is possible balms, etc.

On what shampoo to stop the choice? Shampoos it is necessary to do a choice also making a start from type of your hair. But I will note that universal remedies – «for all types» are less effective.

If you have hair of the combined type how them to wash? This problem is familiar to much. If you have such type of hair, put shampoo on head skin and on roots. Tips in this case will be cleared, in the course of shampoo washing off.


How to make hair beautiful. The correct drying and hair dressing will help to make them well-groomed and beautiful.

The most preferable option – natural drying. After washing from you it is required to comb only hair a wooden or plastic hairbrush with rare teeths and to leave them to dry at room temperature.

If you had to use the hair dryer, it is not necessary to bring it to hair closer, than 15 see. Direct air beginning from roots to tips so you will lay cheshuyka in one direction, keeping a natural hair shine. After drying it is better to leave hair slightly damp, it will allow to avoid a peresushivaniye of hair. Ployki, thermohair curlers, utyuzhka, ployka it is not necessary to apply often.

It is not necessary to save on ukladochny means, after all in most cases quality of these means depends on the price. But even elite cosmetics use reasonably. Be not overzealous, in everything there should be a measure.


How to make hair beautiful. We do masks and other procedures for appearance a hair.

As well as your skin, hair need vitamins. Therefore try to indulge 1 or 2 times a week their picked up to your type of hair a nutritious mask. A mask you can how to get in shop, the big range of masks for any types of hair is now presented, and to prepare itself from make-shifts. In this case the mask even will be more useful, because in it will be much more natural products, than in bought in salon or shop.

I will tell you about some types of masks which you can make with ease.

1. For the damaged hair. Warm up kefir to room temperature and put it on hair, as though rubbing in head skin. To hold such mask 15-20 minutes are necessary.

2. For a brittle and dry hair. Best of all olive oil is suitable for treatment of hair. It also rub in head skin. To hold 1 – 1,5 hours.

3. Essential oils also are very useful to health of hair. They can be added in structure of masks, to vitaminize with them detergents or to apply at an aromoraschesyvaniye.

For hair you can learn fuller information on masks from our article "Masks for hair".

How to make hair beautiful? Opolaskivaniye plays not less importance for maintenance of beauty of hair. The leader among herbs on utility for hair considered a burdock root. On 1 liter of water use 10 g of dry roots which make boiled water and insist. With the received broth rinse hair. In a week such procedure it is necessary to carry out 2-3 times.

One of inexpensive and available means is Mineral water. It will help you to make your hair silky. After each washing rinse with it the head or сбрызгивайте it the head during the day.

The result of application of all above-stated ways will not be appreciable at once, but few weeks you already pay attention that your hair became stronger, grew up and became silkier.

And what to do, if the result has to be received already in couple of days? Try to use the following recipe. He will not disappoint you.

Take 1 egg which should be shaken up, to it it is necessary to add 1 Art. of l of shampoo and as much repeyny oil., 1 h. l. juice of a lemon and everything properly mix. Also you can add vitamin A or essential oils. The received mix put for 30-40 minutes on hair, and then wash away. After this procedure hair become soft, silky, obedient. The effect will be instant, but it will hold on not long, only a couple of days.

How to make hair beautiful. Also I want to stop on the menu for hair because beauty of hair everything, including can ruin exchange processes in an organism. Alcohol, nicotine, fat, spicy, salty food, the wrong day regimen – all this influences a condition of your hair. The majority of diets leads to exhaustion of stocks of vitamins and useful substances in an organism. Want beautiful hair? Eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, honey, fish and a bird. Oat flakes are very useful to health of all our organism. So eat correctly and all this will help to support beauty of your hair.