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Mask for growth of hair: + 15 see in a month

Mask for growth of hair: + 15 see in a month
Many know that without due care of hair and effective masks for hair it is difficult to receive long and beautiful hair. Our female Internet portal not once wrote about care of hair. By means of what masks it is possible to accelerate growth of hair? And for what maximum length to wait in a month?

Mask for growth of hair: + 15 see in a month

If you dream to grow very quickly hair, and a hair extension in Surgut to you for any reasons does not approach, try to make a course of a mustard mask for hair. Applying a special mask within 1 month only once a week, your hair will grow on whole 15 see, and that is important, hair will be dense and beautiful.

Mustard mask for growth of hair – features

The basis of this mask for rapid growth of hair is made by a component which causes temporary irritation of head skin – mustard. When drawing on the head there is a burning, blood inflow to the hair bulbs sharply improves, "sleeping" hair bulbs waken, and languid become more active – in it and a mask secret! Experts warn, in connection with blood inflow at first (in the first 2 weeks of application) the strong hair loss can be observed. But it is not necessary to be frightened, continue! Then you are waited by a real miracle – hair will become stronger and will begin very quickly grow!

Mask for growth of hair: + 15 see in a month
Mask for growth of hair with mustard – the recipe

For preparation of a magic mask for hair it is necessary for us to be reserved by the following components:

– 2 tablespoons of a dry mustard powder;

– 2 tablespoons of hot water;

– 1 yolk;

– 2 tablespoons of olive oil (also repeyny, peach and any other cosmetic oil will approach);

– 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar (mustard "rage" depends on amount of sugar: more – it is better).

Dissolve a mustard powder with hot water, add all other components and carefully mix.

We prepare a mask for growth of hair

Ready mix we put on hair partings, thus, trying to please on head skin, without concerning tips. It will be better, if you are tips and length of hair will grease with any cosmetic oil which is slightly warmed-up. We wrap up the head with a package or a cellophane film, from above we put on a warm hat, or we tie terry a towel / scarf.

We leave a mask from 15 minutes to hour, depending on extent of burning of mustard.

Mask for growth of hair: + 15 see in a month
After that we pass to an opolaskivaniye of hair, we wash away a mask warmish water, after that we wash out hair shampoo. It is possible to put for receiving the best effect on the head any balm applied by you or to make gelatinous shampoo. Can help to strengthen effect also ready mask activator of growth of hair.

Our portal the Country Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra wishes all a magnificent head of hear! Are not lazy, look after the hair, regularly do masks and shear секущиеся the ends, and then you will become the owner of the beautiful and thick hair, shining health!


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