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The most beautiful hair: national recipes

The most beautiful hair: national recipes
Dim, thin, fragile, dry, fat, unfortunately our hair often happen far are not ideal. Fortunately, our female Internet magazine prepared for you excellent councils of care of hair in order that it is easy to receive the most beautiful hair in house conditions.

The most beautiful hair: additional volume of thin hair

To make the most beautiful hair of thin hair and to give them additional volume, use means with the content of apple pectin and extract of let germinate wheat. For beautiful laying get mousse for volume giving.

The most beautiful hair from dim hair

Dim and fine hair will accept a mask made of the 1st yolk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Put the received mix on hair and take 20 minutes. Then wash the head with shampoo. As hair can be dim because of shortage in your organism of certain products. Pay attention, whether there is in your diet seafood, meat and black bread, after all they are capable to present to you the most beautiful hair.

The most beautiful hair from fragile and dry

Means as a part of which there is a nut oil, and also burdock or nettle extract perfectly will be suitable for home care of hair fragile and dry. Such hair "feel" temperature changes, thus losing a lot of moisture. It is possible to consult with this trouble by means of moistening spray and special creams. It is not necessary to neglect as well medical masks for this type of hair. Rub a horse-radish root, add on a tablespoon of vegetable oil and sour cream, everything mix and put on head skin. In 30 minutes wash away cool water, and then wash up the head with shampoo application. Shortage in an organism of fat acids can be one of the reasons of fragility of hair. To receive the most beautiful hair in the diet include fat fish, avocado, nuts and vegetable oil.

The most beautiful hair from an oily hair

If you have oily hair, to wash the head try in process of its pollution, using shampoos with a mark «for an oily hair». Natural masks for hair in this case will be very effective.

For example, such: 2 tablespoons of a plantain (small chopped), on one teaspoon of lemon juice and honey and one tablespoon of kefir. Put a mix on a little damp hair and put on the head a hat for bathing. In 30 minutes rinse hair, and then wash out with shampoo. It is recommended to do this mask within 2 months once a week. She really will help you to receive the most beautiful hair. Also reduce consumption of fats, smoked products and alcohol. Dairy products, greens and eggs, and from vitamin complexes – what contain sulfur and iron will be useful to you.

These simple, but effective councils on the care of hair will help you with fight for the most beautiful hair. Simply try our methods on itself and you will be pleasantly surprised with results!


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