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Fashionable hair color

Fashionable hair color
It would be desirable to choose a fashionable hair color, but on what оствновиться? To choose a natural shade or bright, contrast, cast in a way by Marilyn Monroe?

Fashionable hair color – natural

At popularity peak now natural hair color. Many girls wrongly consider a natural fair hair inexpressive, and color call "mouse".

Fashionable hair color
Do not forget that changing a hair color – if you do not use a professional hair-dye – you spoil its structure, and later any time it will be very difficult to you to return the natural color. Besides, the fashion holds the ground: the romantic girl with a long fair hair an actual image of this summer. If it would be desirable to refresh an image, it is better to add to a native shade of brightness and warmth. Honey, golden or caramel outflow will make a shade of hair warmer.

When coloring use bezammiachny sparing paint, it does not differ high firmness, but will not do much harm to your hair. Besides, if tone close to natural is used, the border of growth of hair will be imperceptible.

Advantages of a natural hair color:

  • There is no need to watch how hair grow.
  • The natural hair color is very beautiful that does not hurt the eyes the not naturalness and diversity.
  • Keeping a natural hair color, you emphasize the identity, after all at each girl the unique shade.

Fashionable hair color – coloring

Fashionable hair color
For various reasons many girls and women after all are compelled to change a hair color. So what shade to choose? This year a fashionable hair color – a soft light shade. That who by nature has a light hair color, it is possible to be recoloured in gold, light brown, wheaten, linen or caramel блонд. And also again a fashionable hair color – блонд with a yellowish shade. Everything is poisonous white, mouse and ashy shades this year appeared not in a trend. Remember that the light hair color gives to an image of freshness, youth and ease.

Fashionable hair color
For those who chooses a dark hair color in a trend a bluish or coal shade. Black it is very bright, refined and beautiful color but only if it suits you on цветотипу and it is close to your natural hair color. The rests should be accurater with this color, it can make you is much more senior than the years. Black with bluish outflow very beautifully looks on girls with light skin and green or dark blue eyes. If you chose black color for coloring, skin should be ideal, differently all shortcomings only become more appreciable.

To women of mature age of the master do not advise to paint hair in burning black color as he will add some years and will emphasize small wrinkles and imperfections of skin.

Brown-haired women have, perhaps, the biggest color palette, since fair-haired color and finishing the brown. The most popular colors – a nut, caramel and chocolate.

About the most fashionable shade

Fashionable hair color
And at last – the most fashionable hair color carries the name бронд!
This original coloring which occupied the niche between blondes and brown-haired women. Brond is a result of difficult and multistage procedure of coloring. And the most important that is absolutely natural shade! Owners of a chestnut-colored hair color and the brown-haired woman with as if the burned-out locks of an amber, honey or wheaten shade carry a rank – brondinka!

Advantages бронда:

  • In a basis бронда the equipment of a melirovaniye who refreshes the person lies and does it younger
  • Thanks to a color mnogospektnost hair visually look more dense
  • Brond helps to grow a natural hair color, after all he does not demand frequent podkrashivaniye
  • If there is a gray hair, бронд will effectively hide it

Our female magazine reminds that choosing a fashionable hair color, it is better to address to the master, let he will advise you the color suitable to yours цветотипу and an image. The main thing that color emphasized your identity, instead of distracted attention from the personality!

Maria Reykina

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