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Hair extension in Ryazan: modern technologies

Hair extension in Ryazan: modern technologies
Women give a lot of time to care of the hair – and it no wonder, after all brilliant beautiful hair can decorate any of us. It was lucky those women which hair are good by nature, do not deliver to the hostesses of special efforts and look thus smartly. But what to do to those who vainly tried all modern arsenal of care of hair in hope to improve the not so smart head of hear? Our female Internet magazine knows – the exit always will be!

In that case despaired girls will be helped by modern technology of a hair extension with Ryazan. The main effect of a hair extension are considerable lengthening and increase in volume of your own hair.

Hair extension in Ryazan – technologies

Now there is a set of technologies of a hair extension – Spanish, Italian, English, South Korean. But all of them share on two categories – cold and hot building.

At a cold hair extension of a lock fasten to your hair by means of special glue, tapes or special ringlets catches. And at hot to hold the increased hair special capsules or droplets of gluing pitch which melt directly on a place of fixing of a lock help.

The most important in hair extension procedure – to anybody imperceptible places of "hitches" of your hair and the attached locks. You should know about your secret only! Certainly, it depends not only on a type of building, but also from professionalism

To find the good hairdresser – the expert in a hair extension – it is not so simple, after all now this service is in great demand, and, therefore, and offers with its rendering around weight. Many beauty salons of Ryazan and hairdressing salons offer such service, you need to choose the suitable master only. In search of the master you will be helped by responses of girlfriends and acquaintances, preview of works of the hairdresser, an assessment of materials with which it works. At a hair extension in Ryazan only natural hair, as a rule, Slavic type are used.

Hair extension in Ryazan – contra-indications

However it is worth to remember also that the hair extension has also a number of contra-indications. Locks fasten on rather healthy hair. If your hair are weakened, such additional loading can aggravate their condition only.

Therefore the skilled expert in building продиагностирует a condition of your hair also will advise previously for them, in case of need, the corresponding treatment and a diet for hair. Building is also contraindicated at a hair loss, at head skin diseases, at allergic diseases, at vegetososudisty dystonia, at regular reception of strong medicines.

Usually procedure of a hair extension borrows from 2 to 4 hours. The skilled master will surely explain to you how to look after your new hairdress. Rules of care of the increased hair simple, but demand from their owner of accuracy.

  • wash the head in vertical situation, do not sleep with wet hair;
  • do not rub anything in skin of the heads;
  • do not subject hair to rough mechanical influence.

Generally, be gentle with the increased hair, and they will serve you before half a year. And at the same time and to please you with the faultlessness!

The hair extension in Ryazan is an excellent way to get hair of the dream.


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