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Masks for dry hair of

Masks for dry hair in house conditions

Masks for dry hair of
You look for a reasonable way of leaving and protection behind dry hair? Better masks for dry hair not to find, especially to make them it is possible in house conditions!
Each woman, at least time in life, envied by passing to the girl with beautiful and healthy hair. But there is no need to envy, after all the owner of such hair to become simple, and with it you will be helped by masks and vitamins for hair. Mask application for hair depends on a condition of your hair, for prevention there will be enough once a month, for active treatment of hair, it is necessary to apply masks 2-3 times a week.

For receiving the maximum result, трихологи recommend to change periodically masks for hair, our female magazine will tell you about their variety.

Masks for dry hair – drawing rules

For the hair, prepared in house conditions it is necessary to apply a mask right after its preparation. To keep structure on hair it is necessary no more stipulated time then hair are carefully washed out.

Before starting to do masks for hair it is important to define type of your hair: fat, dry, normal, with dandruff or slowly growing.

Do not hurry up to solve at once problems with hair. Do everything gradually, having begun with the most important. For example, is inadmissible to mix a mask for shine with a mask for growth of hair, hoping to gain double effect – obviously, you receive return result.

Masks for dry hair – what to choose?

The most sparing for hair and at the same time effective clay masks for hair at present are considered. Their history goes back to recognized beauties of ancient Egypt of Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Clay masks for hair perfectly cope with absorption of pollution of hair, clear head skin and hair, and also stimulate their microcirculation. As a bonus hair are given volume, thus do not become heavy.

Masks for dry hair are very simple for making in house conditions

Get clay in a drugstore, it usually is on sale in the form of pastes or dry powders. Plant it in a proportion specified in the instruction, ideal the consistence as at dense sour cream is considered. Hair it is possible to please with clay masks 2 times a week. The prepared clay is put on damp hair and is left on a quarter of hour, then the head mass easy movements and gradually wash away clay from the head. It is not necessary to be frightened, if with a clay mask many hair is washed away, these are dead hair which wonderfully still somehow kept in hair bulbs of your head. At a hair loss strong effect masks for hair with white clay possess, green in masks for hair will help you to cope with seborrhea, yellow will eliminate dandruff, red will calm angry head skin, blue clay sates hair with oxygen, and also clears and protects them.

Except clay masks for hair it is possible to use masks for hair from kefir or curdled milk, they well are suitable both for normal, and for dry hair. The structure is plentifully put on the head, by quiet movements is rubbed in hair and head skin, then the head is covered with a film and from above the towel ties. A mask hold on the head of 10-15 minutes then plentifully watches off.

Your hair can look well very much after a grain and grassy mask for hair. For it infusion from equal parts of a dushitsa, a plantain, a camomile, a sage is necessary (the tablespoon of a grassy mix on a boiled water glass), in it is added the soaked black bread after that the warm kashitsa is rubbed in head skin and hair. Put on a polyethylene hat the head and remain in this simple look in an hour current – another. After the lapse of time a hat remove, hair rinse with warm water and dry on air.

The female magazine gave you some simple recipes of masks for dry hair which are easy for making in house conditions. Remain with us and be beautiful.

Olya Klubnichnaya

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