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Summer masks for normal hair

Summer masks for normal hair
In the summer our hair need special attention and leaving. Influence of the sun and a wind, a dust and sea water far not the most favorable, hair become fragile, and tips it is even more секутся. The stylish hairstyle already such attractive, long ringlets not such brilliant, and use of habitual balms and conditioners does not bring expected results.

Summer masks for normal hair

Fortunately, there are national recipes turned out by eyelids which were put widely into practice by our progenitresses – summer masks for normal hair.

The female portal the Beauty Country Tyumen brings to your attention secrets from seasonal fruit for health and beauty of your head of hear – treatment of hair by folk remedies.

TOP-3 summer masks for normal hair

Summer masks for normal hair
Summer – the fine time of year pleasing us with an abundance of fragrant and fresh fruit, vegetables and berries. Applying them, your head skin and hair will be always healthy and well-groomed. Here 3 effective masks for hair.

Cranberry mask

Components: 3 tablespoons of a cranberry, are fresher than 10 branches of parsley, 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Shatter berries of a cranberry and filter juice. Cut small parsley greens to a kashitseobrazny condition and wring out also juice. Make a mix of juice of parsley, cranberry and oil juice. Then rub in skin, wrap up the head and hold a mask of 30 minutes. Wash away by means of shampoo habitual and suitable you.

Grape mask

Components: a small cluster of grapes without stones, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of linen oil.

Knead carefully berries of grapes and wring out from them juice. Further add oil, honey and a mix scrupulously vent. The grape summer mask for hair is ready. Put it on hair, hold about 20 minutes. Then remove, several times washing out water and shampoo, and прополосните warm water from the honey remains.

Summer masks for normal hair
Oblepikhovy mask

Components: 1 carrots, third of a glass of juice of berries of sea-buckthorn berries, 1 tablespoon of castor oil.

Rub carrots on a small grater, add oil, juice, mix and put on the head, in skin carefully rubbing a mix. A mask hold 2 hours, having wrapped up previously the head. Then wash away in the usual way for you with shampoo application.

Concerning frequency of performance of summer masks for normal hair, our female magazine recommends to do them in the preventive purposes once in ten days. If you have limp and brittle hair, do them more often, but is not more often than three times a week.

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