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To be or not to be the blonde: here in what a question!

To be or not to be the blonde: here in what a question!
Hostility of blondes and brunettes goes not one day. Gentlemen prefer blondes … Nonsense or truth? Also what then to do to brown-haired women and brunettes? Our Female magazine will try to understand these questions.


To be or not to be the blonde: here in what a question!

Any of girls would be desirable to be pleasant to men so it is conceived by the nature and it is natural. We are painted, we grow thin, we buy new beautiful dresses, we watch ourselves – all for the sake of uncountable compliments from men. Whether really men prefer blondes? If yes, that why not brown-haired women or brunettes?

To be or not to be the blonde: why men prefer blondes?

Light color always associates with radiance, kindness and tenderness. Therefore it is not surprising that blondes in the opinion of men look kinder, soft and fluffy, rather than brunettes. Besides, as psychologists argue, the light hair color on subconsciousness associates at men with purity and inoffensiveness therefore near blondes of the man feel much more courageously.

Speaking about pluses of blonde color, we will tell the truth and about minuses. For anybody not a secret that men of blondes consider silly, from that, with blondes decide to get novels and petty intrigues. Brunettes on the contrary, associate with stability and judiciousness, from that brunettes of the man see good wives.

To be or not to be the blonde: pluses and minuses

Blondes look much more young than the coevals of brunettes, and it is the most obvious plus. The matter is that on a light background small wrinkles, a face contour and other small defects are not so visible. At brunettes of features gain bright expressiveness, from that both small wrinkles and heat-spots become more appreciable at once.

Notable minus for blondes is the financial component of beautiful hair. The blonde to be expensive! Growing roots of natural hair will be sharply allocated on the general light background of hair. Blondes are compelled to tint regularly roots of the hair and to refresh their general tone. Besides, the painted hair demand special leaving: it and special shampoos, balms and masks for the painted hair. How to make hair beautiful read in our article.

One more minus of blonde hair is their faded tone for all make-up. Blondes spend more time behind a make-up, than brunettes. And if brunettes presume to leave at all not made up, blondes, alas, to such luxury cannot allow themselves!

To be or not to be the blonde: to whom will suit to be the blonde?

To be the blonde, unfortunately, not to all suits, it depends not only on a natural hair color. The big role is played by skin color and color of eyes.

So, it is necessary to be the blonde, if you have light blue or light gray eyes, light skin color.

If you have light-brown, green eyes and light or light yellow skin, and you decided to become a blonde, choose colors блонд with a copper shade.

In any case, before painting the hair, use the special program and pick up under the photo a suitable hair color!

To be or not to be the blonde: how to be recoloured in the blonde?

If you decided on a desirable hair color, having convinced that it will suit you, safely go to a beauty salon. Do not try to clarify house hair if do not want, of course, a surprise on the head. The professional hairdresser will paint your hair duly, without having put it harm and that the most important, will make so that the result pleased you. In more detail about beauty salons of Stavropol read our article.

If you decided to become a blonde, dare! But remember that with change of color of your hair, will exchange not only your character which becomes easier, soft and playful, but also all your life to be filled with "blonde" color!

Successful changes also be beautiful!