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Treatment of hair by folk remedies

Treatment of hair by folk remedies
External factors can have negative impact on health of hair, thus, we often reflect on how to treat a limp and brittle hair.

House recipes of treatment of hair can help with it. The Country of Beauty will tell our female magazine, how it is possible to carry out treatment of hair by folk remedies.

It is the well-known fact that only healthy and beautiful hair look perfectly in any hairdress. The idea of treatment of hair is less attractive by chemicals, than idea of treatment by their healthy components.

 House treatment of hair represents inexpensive and effective alternative of recovery of health. There are various components in kitchen, which can be used to fill requirements of your hair.

The nature gave us all necessary to survive, and components which contain in vegetables, fruit, plants, can have positive action on our organism as a whole, including on our hair. To help you to choose the correct type of house treatment of hair, we collected some simple recipes in use which should be tried.

Treatment of hair by folk remedies that hair were more dense

If you look for the recipe of house treatment which will help to return to hair shine, flexibility and thickness, pay attention to wheat germs. Germs of wheat are rich with vitamin E which is very useful to hair. Put germs in a bowl, fill in with hot water and leave approximately for 5 minutes, then merge water and put wet germs of wheat to itself on hair. Leave them for 5 minutes, and then carefully wash away water that them to remove.

Treatment of hair by folk remedies – we reduce static character of hair

If your hair dry and very static is can irritate very much. Use a mask with egg and a cup of yogurt which will allow to reduce static character of an electricity in hair. Mix these 2 components and with massage movements put on head skin. Leave approximately for 5 minutes, and then wash away warm water.

Treatment of hair by folk remedies – we emphasize shine

If your hair do not have enough shine, you should, something to undertake as brilliant hair always are in the attention center. Brilliant ringlets of hair look perfectly, and treatment of hair by folk remedies to you will help to restore a hair shine, using a mix of honey and warm water. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in 2 cups of warm water and rinse the washed-up hair. Do not rinse hair after, and dry up and lay them, as usual.

Treatment of hair by folk remedies to receive shining hair

Combination of lemon juice and apple vinegar – the fine recipe of treatment of an oily hair. An oily hair loses light quickly enough, and these 2 components will help hair to look fantastically. Use either lemon juice, or apple vinegar. Dilute them with water, rinse the washed-up hair. After hair do not rinse, and dry up them, as usual.

Treatment of hair by folk remedies to humidify hair

Olive oil is a fine humidifier for hair. Therefore apply previously the warmed-up oil on your hair (be convinced that it is not hotter not to burn hair). Wrap up a warm towel the head to help oil to be absorbed and leave for 20 minutes. After wash up hair with shampoo, as usual. If treatment of hair by folk remedies does not help you, address in beauty salons Tyumen.

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