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Biohairdressing – harm or advantage actually

Biohairdressing - harm or advantage actually

What, however, women inconsistent beings! If the woman possesses fervent ringlets, she without fail, by all means, wishes them to straighten – specially for them thought up utyuzhka for hair.

And the owner of a straight hair in every way tries to give to the locks that fervent kudryavost, but not everyone will decide on radical procedure, after all all know that the chemical wave very much spoils hair. Therefore for such women in the modern industry of beauty the biohairdressing was thought up. The female Internet portal will tell you today – harm or advantage nevertheless for hair this biowave.

Biohairdressing – harm or advantage actually

What is the biohairdressing? It is a sparing way of a hairdressing in which there are no aggressive chemicals (such, for example, all known "enemies" of female hair, as peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia). The biowave is based on action of analog of the natural amino acid containing in our hair – цистеамин хлоргидрате. This substance, thanks to the unique properties, does not break structure of hair and keeps their natural beauty and shine.

Biohairdressing – tremendous results!

Modern technologies in the sphere of the industry of beauty at present stepped so far that at combination of a biowave with professional treatment and a structural hair reconstruction, you can achieve tremendous results.

The injured, dry and brittle hair is restored and takes more healthy form. That is, at a competent approach the biowave also improves structure of your hair!

Biohairdressing – how to receive ringlets of the dream

First of all, of course, to choose the good master is, of course, the axiom for each woman, but never лишне to remind of it!

The competent expert will estimate a condition of your hair, your face type, will consider all your expectations and wishes, and, as a result of productive conversation, will pick up the type of ringlets most suitable you. It can be both elastic ringlets, and soft waves, both spiral curls, and creative alternation of curled and direct locks.

It will be most interesting and most natural to look on your hair result of creative improvisation of the master, namely an intricate combination and an interlacing of curls of a different form, lengths and thickness. At such way of a biohairdressing nobody will guess, looking at your hair that these fervent ringlets – only work of skillful hands of the expert.

Biohairdressing – what its structure?

The structure for a biohairdressing happens three types, depending on type of hair: for natural hair, for thick hair and for the hair damaged by a chemical wave. All these structures differ with volume of the main component.

The biohairdressing – as long keeps?

Such wave usually from three to nine months – depending on type of hair and intensity of structure keeps. That fact is important also that biohairdressing procedure you can, at desire, already repeat in half a year. That is you have a possibility to possess treasured ringlets almost continuously!

Moreover, right after a biohairdressing you can paint hair if suddenly one cardinal change of appearance causes desire of changes of even more cardinal.

Be different – change as the benefit, sparing modern technologies of the industry of beauty on our party is possible more often! And the Internet portal the Beauty Country Kostroma wishes you to remain always the most charming and self-assured!

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