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Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation

Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation
Probably, many with arrival of a cold time noticed that hair became exhausted, faded and started to drop out intensively. It is not necessary to despair, all listed manifestations – no other than seasonal reaction which pursues many so all fears away, here it is necessary to operate!

Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation

Now the large quantity of fine means for care of hair can be found on shelves of shops! For all tastes, color, season, length and density. A question only at a rate of the budget which you are ready to spend. And good, really useful means stand absolutely not cheap. But for true kopeks it is possible to make natural masks of the house. The country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra it is brought to your attention some best copies.

Five available recipes of masks for hair

Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation
No. 1. Mayonnaise mask

Components: mayonnaise.

Preparation method: It is necessary to put mayonnaise on roots of hair and for all length, to leave for fifteen minutes, to wash out hair warm water with shampoo.

Such mask is suitable only for dry hair. Feeds a bulb and a hair on all length. Ringlets cease to be similar to straw.

No. 2. Kefiric mask

Components: kefir.

Preparation method: kefir carefully put on hair, and also rub in roots. Cover with a polyethylene film, creating effect of a bath, wrap up with a towel. Leave for a couple of hours, wash away warm water with shampoo.

The mask humidifies and feeds. Hair soft, brilliant, smooth. Repeat procedure of times a week.

No. 3 Egg mask

Components: water glass, two yolks.

Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation
Preparation method: yolks are necessary for shaking up, mixing with water, and once again to shake up. This mix is necessary for filtering and measuredly to put on hair. Then to cover with a polyethylene film, and to wrap up with a towel. An hour later hair need to be washed out warm water with shampoo. Remember! Water warm, but not hot, otherwise egg will be curtailed and will get these "flakes" from hair difficultly.

The mask suits an oily hair. Soaks up excess of skin fat, updates hair, refreshes head skin. At systematic application releases from dandruff.

No. 4. Clay mask

Components: dry powder of white, yellow, red, green clay. Such powders are on sale in a drugstore or cosmetic shop.

Preparation method: a powder of clay plant in a proportion established in the instruction. The mix on the density should be similar to sour cream. The received weight is put on all length by hair, mass fingers. Fifteen minutes later gradually start to wash away warm water, massing thus hair, head skin.

White clay helps at a hair loss, fragility of hair, and green and yellow – at dandruff, and here red clay calms angry and susceptible head skin.

Effective masks for hair – house rehabilitation
No. 5. Oil mask

Components: repeyny or krapivny oil. They are on sale in any drugstore.

Preparation method: oil put on hair, rub in roots. Create effect of a bath, having shrouded hair in a film and a towel. Later a couple of hours wash away hot water. And carefully wash out hair shampoo.

As a result of use of such mask hair grow quicker, their number increases, and quality – is improved. Each hair becomes thicker and dense.

Masks for hair – good advice for a magnificent and healthy head of hear

  • During the cold periods of year surely put on headdresses 2011-2012 – cover hair a cap or a scarf. From temperature differences and from cold hair become fragile, very dry секутся.

  • Approximately once in two – three months the ends of hair it is necessary to straighten, in particular, if hair секутся. You are released from the tips (conversation on millimeters), however hair look well-groomed, feel better than, comb hair easier. It is possible to address also for the help to professionals in beauty salons of Surgut, previously having registered in service a hairstyle hot scissors.

  • Before a mask choice for hair, define, what of types of fat content your hair concern: masks for normal hair, masks for fat skin, a mask for a brittle and dry hair.

The recommendation from our female magazine:

Though occasionally indulge itself and the passionately favourite hair medical cocktails in the form of masks for the hair checked by time, with the salutary qualities, collected with love for you from natural components!!! You it застуживаете!