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Hair are magnetized: winter problem

Hair are magnetized: winter problem

As always, the winter came – and hair are magnetized simply terribly. The annoying that from this misfortune yet did not think up a universal remedy. Owners of long hair – here I, for example especially suffer. About beauty of laying there is no any more a speech, but as though to make so that they though in a mouth did not climb?

Hair are magnetized: we cope with trouble

Producers of means on the care of hair already attended long ago to a static electricity and its consequences. Except classical conditioners (pay attention, "balm" – does not mean "conditioner"), there are shampoos with antistatic specially for winter and sprays-antistatics for hair. The means which are not demanding washing off – lotions, cream, serum in certain cases help. Any of them others are put on damp hair after washing, – on dry hair during the day or even on a hairdress.

If the "magnetism" reason moistening means if in a lack of vitamins and minerals – a food of hair if hair thin and disobedient – are better for using making heavier means approaches help with the damaged or dry hair-.

And still the most effective weapon of fight, especially if hair are magnetized strongly, there are means for laying of strong fixing, especially a varnish. In general, if you have a responsible meeting or a party, it is better to make laying or fast to master plait weaving, than to try to calm down a flowing hair. In emergency surplus of an electricity can be removed, having carried out on hair damp hands.

Hair are magnetized: reasons

Hair are magnetized: winter problem
Why hair are magnetized in the winter? First of all, they are weakened by cold and a wind. Closeness and humidity under a cap further follows. And deification – dry air from radiators, as on work, and houses. Respectively, we can make the following: not to let hair down on the street, not to carry a headdress in a room and to moisten air at office and in the apartment.

Our habits in the address with hair too play the role. Happens that hair are magnetized, only while pure and when already a little fat – lie better. Here and the answer – your shampoo dries hair, or you do not use the conditioner. Plus to it, in the winter it is necessary to do more often masks for hair and to hold them longer – differently the weakened hair will rise on end with the doubled force. By the way, them weakens also hot laying so do not forget about means of thermoprotection. Drying by the hair dryer in addition электризует hair, and here a ployka or a qualitative utyuzhok remove an electricity.

Council is very widespread to replace a hairbrush: it is necessary to refuse metal and plastic teeths in favor of the wooden. To much really helps, but another – absolutely on the contrary. The situation is worsened by carrying of synthetic clothes, especially with a narrow throat, and also permanent job with electrodevices, for example, with the computer. Our female magazine reminds that sometimes hair are magnetized because of the hidden problems with health. It is necessary to reflect on it, if their behavior does not depend on arrival of winter, and to visit the doctor-trikhologa.

Evgeny Petrov

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