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Hair extension in Sterlitamak – beauty in the world of high technologies

Hair extension in Sterlitamak - beauty in the world of high technologies
The hair extension is modern procedure thanks to which now any woman can become the owner of a magnificent hairdress and beautiful hair, and our female magazine will tell you as.

Unfortunately, brag of beautiful healthy hair all women can not. But it doesn’t matter: the industry of beauty is not necessary on a place.

Hair extension: technologies of building

Today it will be a question of building of natural hair. After all only use of natural hair guarantees naturalness and beauty of a new hairdress. Presently exist a set of technologies of a hair extension. Their main distinction is a way of fastening of the increased material to hair of the client.  Let’s consider most popular of them.

Tape building – one of the safest methods of building. The essence is that locks are fixed by means of a polymeric tape. This procedure – one of the fastest (takes 30-40 minutes). But also time of carrying of such hair pretty small – one month. One more popular technology – the Spanish technology of cold building. Such building demands big skill as locks fasten manually by means of special transparent glue. This method, besides increase in length, allows to give additional volume. To carry such head of hear it is possible about four months. Let’s in more detail stop on a hot hair extension on the Italian technology.

Hair extension: Italian technology

Italian Euro technology. So.Cap – one of the most alternative methods of building. This technology uses natural European and Slavic hair. Procedure consists in the following: hair incorporate by means of a keratinovy capsule under the influence of high temperatures. The Keratinovy capsule melts by means of thermonippers. Cooling down, capsules turn into small plates. Big plus of these plates that hair easily comb hair. Besides, thanks to that capsules are transparent, they are absolutely imperceptible. If want to give to a new image of extravagance, it is possible to decorate an extension hair with pastes or decorative feathers.

Building on the Italian technology takes about three hours. It is possible to carry such hair 4-6 months. It is necessary to visit only the master to correct a hairdress. A minus of such hair – the keratinovy capsule has property to melt. Therefore it is better to taboo visit of a bath, a sauna. Also it is influenced negatively by effect of sea water. Hot sea resorts too should be cancelled for a while.

Hair extension: recommendations about leaving

Extension hair demands special, careful leaving. In order that hair long brought you pleasure, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

It is necessary to choose special shampoos for an extension hair. It is also important to wash the head in vertical situation. After washing it is necessary to comb hair accurately. The hairbrush best of all will be suitable for these purposes with rare teeths. Before going to bed it is necessary to braid a plait or to collect hair in a tail. It is possible to do laying, only it is necessary to consider that the hair dryer, hair curlers and other adaptations should not touch a place of fastening of hair.

Beauty salons and hairdressing salons of Sterlitamak always wait for you on hair extension procedure!

Rosalia Yangirova