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Hair reconstruction after holiday – ways

Hair reconstruction after holiday - ways
Very often after return from the sea we find out that our hair lost former shine and have an unhealthy appearance. It means that our hair more than ever need the correct leaving, in restoration after holiday.

Hair reconstruction after holiday – ways

If we with a sinking heart wait summer holiday, for our hair travel to tropical countries are the real penal servitude. And it no wonder, after all them influence a set of factors which select force and worsen their appearance.

Why the condition of hair on the sea worsens?

Ultra-violet beams, dry hot air and salty water are the main enemies of our hair. And to it there is an explanation: because of all these factors hair lose some moisture, the color pigment and protein of which cages of hair consist collapses. Towards the end of rest, as a rule, begin сечься tips, there are fragile hair and begin, to crown it all, электризоваться. Therefore on return home the main task consists in the fastest recovery of health and former beauty of hair.

How to restore hair after holiday? 1. To refuse the hair dryer!

The first that it is necessary to make on return home for activization of process of a hair reconstruction after holiday, is to minimize influence of stressful factors, main of which – hot laying by the hair dryer. Give the chance to hair to have a rest from hot air, dry them a natural way at least some weeks, having postponed the hair dryer somewhere far away in a box.

2. To tell "no" to hair-dyes!

Your hair lost color after solar days at the sea? By no means it is impossible to paint right there them, having hardly found burning out of hair. So you aggravate their condition even more, having absolutely damaged structure. If your present hair color at all does not inspire, use for painting of tinting grassy means or natural dyes for hair with vitamin complexes (for example, henna or басма) which action will be directed not only on shade correction, but also on supply of cages of hair by useful substances becomes the good decision.

Hair reconstruction after holiday - ways
3. To do nutritious masks!

It is good, if natural masks for hair for a food of the injured ringlets become an obligatory component of the program of a hair reconstruction after holiday. The good decision – masks from broth of a camomile, a nettle, are washed or lindens. For this purpose 2 tablespoons of a grass make in two glasses at its finest, insist 15 minutes, filter and rinse pure hair 2-3 times a week.

4. To provide to hair daily leaving!

Besides, an important point in a hair reconstruction after holiday – the correct daily leaving by means of special means which will take care of hair for all day.

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