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Stress and baldness

Stress and baldness

Though existence of hair on the head of the person is not vital need for his existence, they play a significant role for mental balance of the person. The scalp of the head is the most appreciable part of our appearance. Unfortunately, many of us prematurely lose hair, and all of us daily look after them, to a greater or lesser extent, incorrectly.

Fighting for a survival in the severe world, women even more often lose not only charm, but also hair. 70 percent of Russians risk to enter into the next millennium … without hair. Unfavourable results of the last researches in the field of a trikhologiya are that.

Main reasons for an alopetsiya: the endured stresses and violation of hormonal balance in an organism, caused by a bad food, unsuccessful ecology, plus – the wrong care of hair. It would be desirable to pay attention to problems with the hair which have arisen with participation of stressful situations.

During a stress, changes not only our psychological condition, but also internal, physiological processes as a whole. As a result of similar shake-ups the inflammation, the puffiness leading to a sdavleniye of fabrics develops; angiospasm, insufficient blood supply, reduction of receipt of microcells, vitamins and other nutrients.

In reply to a stress the general protective forces and an organism will be mobilized gains stability not only to influencing, but also to other factors.

Thus, small stresses can well influence an organism if they raise and stimulate it, improving working capacity. But if the number of stresses continues to accrue, their useful stimulation starts to be replaced with the general exhaustion, and it in turn can lead to development of physical and mental diseases. At each person, distinct from other people, a sensitivity threshold to stressful influences; one do not react painfully even to considerable "strokes of bad luck" while others do not consult and with little changes, testing thus alarm, a depression or even a physical indisposition.

Along with mental and emotional disorders, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut, bronchial asthma and skin diseases, including psoriasis and seborrhea which can volunteer to amplify silt under the influence of a stress, there are also some a hair loss, namely diffuzny and ochagovy.

The Diffuzny alopetsiya is characterized by an intensive uniform hair loss on all surface of a hairy part of head skin at men and women. The Ochagovy alopetsiya – a disease at which the centers with total absence of hair on a hairy part of the head, eyebrows, eyelashes are formed.

To suspect disease communication with which the patient addressed to трихологу, with a stressful condition a number of features among which it should be noted behavior, the life and illness anamnesis, and also microscopic inspection of hair helps. Constraint, uncertainty in, excessive constraint, unwillingness to communicate or, on the contrary, excitability, irritability can be the first signs of the exhaustion, appreciable to the doctor-trikhologu.

At discussion of the anamnesis of life it is necessary to specify existence and lack of problems on work, at home, and the relation of the patient to them.

In the anamnesis of a disease there will be important a fact of long unsuccessful treatment by external preparations, especially if the additional survey which has not revealed deviations in work of an internal was conducted. During viewing of microscopic data of a hair of the patient it is necessary to pay attention to alternately changing diameter of a core of a hair, утолщающийся, being narrowed to 30-40 % from the initial.

For the patient at whom we revealed above the designated features, at treatment it is necessary to create the corresponding atmosphere. The situation of AMD of Laboratory best of all for this purpose approaches: a cozy interior, a gentle music, an individual approach to each patient and always ready to listen and help doctors and assistants.

Here characteristic example. The patient of Page addressed with a plentiful hair loss. On consultation behaved it is held down, constantly doubted correctness of the arrival to clinic, did not believe in success of therapy. Has chronic gastritis (a remission stage), chronic antritis. In the course of conversation it was possible to find out that the patient very much worries concerning work change. It is long it was treated by various means, but unsuccessfully. The diagnosis of a diffuzny alopetsiya was put by the doctor who has connected this disease with a chronic stress. Therapy by preparations of the first and second group three times a week, in a combination to massage, the thermal procedures which have been individually picked up by means of hygiene was begun. After several procedures the patient noted hair loss reduction, but was afraid to trust it. Vitamins and a multicomponent mix of herbs of production of AMD of Laboratory, were added a bit later. In three months of treatment throughout which the patient did not pass any procedure, she told that became quieter, hair not only ceased to drop out intensively, but began actively grow thanks to our preparations (now it is confident in it), and also to that situation which reigns in Laboratory AMD. These are the benevolent and skilled employees, surprisingly weakening property of massage, possibility to esteem the magazine with a coffee cup and though a little to distract from daily vanity of modern life.


Dronova T.A.

AMD Laboratories (Voronezh)