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Brondirovaniye of a hair: easy a suntan shade on locks

Brondirovaniye of a hair: easy a suntan shade on locks
Probably, many heard about it, but not absolutely clearly understand, about what there is a speech? Remember Jennifer Aniston’s Hollywood star – her hair with effect of «easy suntan».

Here such effect also gives a brondirovaniye. It allows to reach a color extension in several tones. This procedure with success carry out in beauty salons of Nizhny Novgorod.

Our female magazine will tell about how this procedure is carried out.

Preparation for a brondirovaniye

The first stage – preparation. At first it is necessary to think over the next image.

It should be noted that ideal option for a brondirovaniye are a long straight hair. It is necessary to get rid from секущихся tips. If hair look unhealthy, they are necessary for putting in order, using special masks for hair. Remember, the ukhozhenny and it is more healthy hair, the and the effect from procedure will be better.

Believe, it that costs: after a brondirovaniye hair are literally poured by various shades – tens, and can even in hundreds: from blonde to brown (coffee, beige, golden, fair-haired, etc.).

Procedure can "work" in two directions – in light, and dark, both options (this is most popular today – after all such combination of paints allows to increase visually volume of hair) are possible at once.

We create "base"

That who by nature is the brown-haired woman or the fair-haired blonde, it was very lucky – it is not necessary to create previously base for a brondirovaniye.

And here another should "work" with hair: specialists of salon will black out light ringlets, and after will make a shade of hair equal, to brown-haired women and brunettes will change a hair color to «the light brown-haired person».

We paint locks

Then – the direct brondirovaniye, in process is used a foil. Dark color (roots remain untouched) is put on the top part of a ringlet, and on bottom – five centimeters from the ringlet end – are carried out coloring to a light shade.

Such change of color begins, as a rule, with a nape. A bang – right at the end. By the way, to give to hair effect of «the burned-out hair», it is possible a bang and lateral parts of a head of hear высветлить completely. Partly such coloring reminds a usual melirovaniye, but nevertheless effect from a brondirovaniye it turns out much more interestingly.

Last stage: now time to be engaged in remained locks. They also are exposed to coloring, and, chaotically, it is possible to tell, Brondirovaniye of a hair: easy a suntan shade on locks
without any order (the open melirovaniye is called).

Such "chaotic" drawing of color should not frighten – it and allows to reach deep color, game of different shades.

Brondirovaniye – an excellent way in a short space of time to get a magnificent head of hear with a lung «a suntan shade» on the locks, playing beautiful shades.

This image you will be irresistible – the real beauty queen!

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