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Brondirovaniye – a novelty in the beauty world!

Brondirovaniye - a novelty in the beauty world!
Classical monophonic coloring of hair always actually, however starts to grow and develop the popularity in the sphere of hairdresser’s art of the technician a brondirovaniye. The professional master for coloring of hair can pick up a shade ideally suited for you favourably emphasizing color of eyes and refreshing complexion. A fashionable tendency in the beauty world – natural shades with effect of volume and the hair which have burned out under the resort sun. One of the best the technician for this purpose also is a brondirovaniye – coloring with smooth transition from light tones to more dark.

Brondirovaniye: color бронд – what is it?

Brondirovaniye of a hair – creative process, because in fact бронд – not color, and with sense of taste the picked-up combination of the shades differing from each other no more than on 2-3 tones for achievement of the most natural effect. The name "brond" Brown (combines English brown – the brown-haired person) and блонд (blond – the blonde). Feature of a brondirovaniye of hair in use of scale of shades within this natural palette. Than more than shades, especially volume, deep, relief the general view of your hair turns out. The fashionable hair color after that is poured on the sun by scale of honey, golden and chocolate tones.

Brondirovaniye: equipment of performance

At a brondirovaniye of hair the equipment of a melirovaniye and a kolorirovaniye in various proportions and combinations is applied. Thus such procedure approaches under any types of hair. One color of the natural or painted hair undertakes a basis: either light or dark. The following stage – a melirovaniye a brush without foil application. For achievement of volume and natural burning out of hair that is fashionable today, professionals do a space from roots approximately on 1 see. After a melirovaniye additional shades which differ no more than on 2-3 tones steal up, and do a kolorirovaniye. Coloring of hair in equipment бронд becomes according to a certain scheme for creation of patches of light and modulations. For the most effective brondirovaniye it is recommended to see on hair from fair-haired to chestnut shades. A basis for a brondirovaniye golden hair can be excellent. However on very dark or very fair hair the presents профессиналами the brondirovaniye is carried out successfully. Before beginning procedure, the master conducts preparation of primary color of hair, either does clarification, or paints. And if hair to a brondirovaniye were мелированы or колорированы, before procedure level an initial shade. Therefore variations of equipment of coloring of hair there is a set.

That can achieve at a brondirovaniye?

By means of such coloring it is possible to achieve different esthetic effects:

– actual natural effect of the burned-out hair;

– visual effect of volume even on a fine hair;

– modulations and patches of light on the sun different shades hair;

– the most natural effect of clarification of hair;

– high-quality painting of gray-haired locks with restoration of a natural shade;

– underlined contour of a fashionable hairstyle;

– yes the 2nd months it is possible not to worry about painting of hair.

Independently brondirovany it is not necessary to do houses – there is a risk to turn in unclear that. Entrust this business to professionals. About harm of a brondirovaniye it is possible to tell the same, as about simple monophonic painting of hair. Everything depends on quality of paint and extent of clarification of hair when coloring. If at a brondirovaniye qualitative materials are used, possibility to injure hair is lowered to a minimum. Watch fashionable tendencies in the beauty country, be stylish!

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