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Healthy hair on envy all

Healthy hair on envy all
And in your forces to make hair healthy and more dense, without resorting to the help of salonny procedures. If you decided to be engaged in the appearance, have patience, as more volume your hairdress in a week does not become. But as a whole it is a task solved – specially for you councils of our female magazine.

Healthy hair – in your forces

Visually to increase volume of your hairdress it is possible, having executed the graduated hairstyle. Besides, non-uniform coloring of hair can become a quite good method of giving of volume. It is possible to try, for example, a frequent melirovaniye, having executed it with a difference on some tones. Will give volume also a wave on hair curlers if ringlets are not accurate and small. Setting hair the hair dryer, it is desirable to direct a current of air from below up, that is against growth of hair. If you use for volume giving by special mousse, it needs to be taken in very small quantity and to impose on damp roots. You can create density illusion by means of the bunch executed from hair twisted previously. If you let out some thin locks from the turned-out hairdress, your image will be romantic and fervent. If you wear the hair long, they can be braided for the night and when unplait the hair, hair will look is rather volume.

Wash hair as soon as they will be soiled, differently you accustom them to frequent washing. Thus it is necessary to refuse such shampoos as a part of which many chemical cure contains. Hairdressers advise to a thicket to wash out the head egg or the water mixed with the soaked crumb of rye bread and it is necessary to drink vitamins. When combing hair it is not necessary to do sharp movements, that is, they do not need to be pulled. If during washing you mass head skin, this procedure will favorably affect a condition of hair, and also will improve head blood circulation, it will prevent a hair loss and will improve their condition. Do not go without a headdress to a cold season, and for coloring of locks choose only sparing means, it will relieve you of a hair loss problem.

As you can see, to make hair more dense and healthy to you quite under force.

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