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Treatment of a hair loss

Treatment of a hair loss
There is a lot of reasons of a hair loss and deterioration of a condition of head skin: the bad ecology, stresses, various diseases, uncontrolled drug intake and is a lot of others. If you noticed that hair became истончаться, to drop out and bald spots are formed – it is necessary to carry out treatment, and further to provide competent care of hair. In more detail the Beauty Country will tell about it to you Astrakhan.

Hair loss treatment – causes of illness

However before starting treatment, it is necessary to pass complex medical examination to exclude various diseases against which there could be problems with hair. That is – to find and eliminate the reason of loss of hair. Some reasons it is rather difficult to find or connect cause and effect. For example, after the suffered stress, only in few months there can be problems with hair. Or because of a heavy winter headdress head skin blood circulation, as a result – loss of hair was broken. But as though, it was difficult – it is necessary to try to find the reason. Only after its elimination it is necessary to start treatment and a hair reconstruction, differently all efforts will be spent in the empty.

Hair loss treatment – useful procedures

Procedure which is called a mesotherapy of hair can help with fight against a hair loss. Treatment of a hair loss
She is led in beauty salons. In the most difficult cases it is possible to use services of experts in change (transplantation) of hair. But in house conditions too it is possible to restore growth of hair and here some good advice:

  • Stimulate head skin with massage. Do easy massing movements by fingers of hands. It is possible to apply special conditioners or gels. During washing of hair mass the head some minutes, and before going to bed comb hair a massage brush. Massage improves blood circulation and strengthens intake of nutrients to roots of hair.
  • Use for head washing special shampoos from a hair loss. Modern producers of cosmetics offer a wide choice of the whole complexes interfering loss of hair.
  • After washing of the head rinse hair with broths of herbs: camomile, calendula, nettle.
  • Do not comb wet hair and try to use the hair dryer as little as possible. It leads to an istoncheniye and the increased fragility of hair. Dry hair a natural way – it is not necessary to subject them to additional stresses.
  • Eat correctly, diversify the diet with the products containing vitamins of group B (grain, green peas, meat of a rabbit and a lamb) and vitamin C (a citrus, a kiwi).
  • Rub in head skin calendula tincture – it promotes growth and a hair reconstruction. Procedure repeat every other day.
  • Kastorovoye or repeyny oil also interferes with a hair loss. Rub oil in head skin, then cover the head with a polyethylene cap and wrap up with a towel. In 20-30 minutes carefully wash out hair.
  • Use the medical special masks feeding roots of hair. Masks ready to application can be got in specialized shops or drugstores. In house conditions it is possible to prepare nutritious masks. Here some recipes:

Treatment of a hair loss
Treatment of loss of hair recipes of masks the Mask from honey and an aloe

Squeeze out 2 tablespoons of juice of fleshy leaves of an aloe, mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 egg yolk. Put a mix on dry hair, cover with a hat from polyethylene and leave on 1 hour. Wash out and rinse hair. The mask is recommended to be applied several times a week.

Oil mask

Mix 10 drops of oil of rosemary, 10 drops of cedar oil, 100 ml of juice of an aloe and 15 drops of oil of a tea tree. Put a mix for 7 days in a dark place, every day mix it. After the mix was drawn – rub it in head skin after each washing of hair.

Barmy mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of yeast with 1 teaspoon of warm boiled water. The formed kashitsa mix with shaken-up protein of 1 egg. Rub a mix in head skin, let’s to it dry and wash away warm water with shampoo.

Mask from sour-milk products

Any sour-milk products are vitamin-rich V.Vtirayte’s groups curdled milk or sour cream several times a week in head skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash out and rinse hair.

  • Make a short hairstyle. Thus, you will lower load of a hair bulb, and hair will start to be restored quicker.
  • Make lamination. This procedure will improve structure of a hair and elasticity.


If you chose not salonny, but house treatment of hair – the most important within several months laboriously to observe all procedures. After all restoration of beauty and health of your hair directly depends on the spent efforts.