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Biohair straightening in Pyatigorsk

Biohair straightening in Pyatigorsk
Not all wish to be curly. The majority of owners of a curly hair dream of straightening of the hair. In this case it is possible to use achievement of modern cosmetology – to straighten hair by means of an amino-tsisteinovy complex. Differently to use the bio – a hair straightening.
What is Biovypryamleniye a hair?
Biostraightening on firmness does not concede to chemical straightening, only it does not show aggressive influence on head skin and a hair core. As цистеин – is one of the major amino acids which contain in a keratin and keeping its albuminous structure. Resilience and force of hair increases thanks to the special biochemical communications appearing in the course of interaction with each other of molecules цистеина. Hair become straight, receiving the maximum advantage. The keratin structure thus does not change, and the hair physiology also remains invariable. Certainly, growing hair will curl, forming effect of volume at roots. Only thus the hairdress will not lose the natural look because as a result of bio – straightening sharp "border" on hair is not formed. But if all of you wish, that hair were irreproachably smooth from roots, then, in case of need, it is possible to use radical biostraightening.
For what it is necessary to do a biohair straightening?
So, the ideal solution of problems of a curly hair there was a modern system of a biohair straightening. It is hair absolutely harmless and not breaking a structure a method. Stresses, sea water, shortage of vitamins, the sun, dry air, a dust, headdresses, cold dry up and damage hair. They become dim and exhausted, do not keep within a hairdress. If at them to look under a microscope, it is possible to see that keratinovy hair cheshuyka who in a normal state create a smooth cover as if are opened because of what hair look rough and porous. During biostraightening process hair напитываются a keratin which on each of them creates the thinnest cover. By sight it is shown in lightning return of shine, to the touch hair become much softer, more live", easily keep within. How the biohair straightening becomes?

Process of biostraightening consists of three consecutive stages:

1 stage. Intensive and deep clarification of hair from excess of skin fat, a dust, a smog, and means for laying. This procedure prepares them for the following step, doing hair the most nontight and susceptible to a keratin.

2 stage. Direct leaving. The expert, being removed approximately on one centimeter from roots, scrupulously puts keratinovy structure on hair. After that the structure is not washed away any more, and hair are dried up.

3 stage. Straightening of curling hair by means of special utyuzhok. This stage – the long and laborious from all procedure. Hair are divided into locks and accurately smoothed. Those utyuzhka which are applied here, do not damage and do not burn hair. And as a result – streaming, healthy, absolutely straight hair. Such effect remains about four months.

As a result of such biohair straightening there is a saturation of hair by a keratin, natural and natural substance which has no contra-indications and is suitable absolutely for all types of hair.

Biostraightening is a unique procedure of leaving of da by hair which influences a problem of undesirable curls, instead of hides it. The result of such procedure remains about four months, however at desire, it is possible to come to a repeated session already a month later. Recommendations on the care of hair after procedure are extremely simple – for two days it is not necessary to wash hair, to use ukladochny means and ornaments for hair.