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Hair extension, myths and truth

Hair extension, myths and truth
Hair extension – the myth or the terrible truth Often at forums it is possible to see absolutely opposite opinions on a hair extension. Someone repeats that the hair extension is a disastrous business with the whole cart of problems, and someone admires effect. Thus this procedure continues to remain popular, as a biowave and a kreatinovy hair straightening. To distinguish the myth from the truth our Internet magazine «Beauty Country» will help.
Hair extension: we find a side between the myth and the truth It is said that after building own hair start to drop out. Yes, in it there is a little truth. But at once it is necessary to specify that hair at those to whom this procedure in general is contraindicated drop out. And it at baldness is contraindicated, to high sensitivity of head skin, at reception of antibiotics and hormones, the chemotherapy becomes an obstacle. An obstacle is also the vypdayeniye of hair, then it is necessary to solve at first a problem, and solve it national treatment of a hair loss can to help. In any case it is necessary to consult with the expert. Happens, and the master incompetent will create such miracles that hair start to drop out then. It occurs in case the master takes thin locks of hair for fastening of increased locks. Certainly, native hair do not maintain such loading some months in a row. Therefore locks should be uniform and is thicker. Note that after building some have a dandruff. It so, but appears it not at all, here individual reaction. There are quite good methods of how to get rid of dandruff. Locks спутываются also are broken? Yes, the such can be, but at incorrect leaving, to be exact – at its total absence. Such negative consequences can be expected if to go to bed with the wet head or diligent to indulge itself sea water. And if still in addition to ignore correction, the hair extension can become an absolute problem. A mistake of some is the opinion that with the increased hair it is possible to go half a year or more, anything thus without doing. That then can be expected?.
Hair extension: that the myth did not become the truth

The terrible truth of the increased hair can be avoided easily, having left everything at myth level. And for this purpose it is necessary to observe simple rules with which the master on a hair extension will acquaint in details. First, it is necessary to decide on contra-indications. If though one of them is revealed, it is necessary to refuse a hair extension. If oslabliya hair after chemical procedures and from weather conditions, the hair reconstruction for a start is required to pass. Secondly, the choice of the master should be careful. It is better to go to the master according to the recommendation as in this case mistakes are inadmissible. After building it is necessary to remember about correction which it is necessary to do time in three, at most – in four, month. And it when building by a method of capsules. And here at tape building correction is required once a month or time in two months. It is necessary to disaccustom itself to a habit to go to bed with damp hair and not to forget to use for the increased hair a special hairbrush. To go to bed with a flowing hair it is impossible, it is necessary to bring together them, for example, in a plait, but not the hard. It is necessary to use only suitable shampoos and balms. Thus balm is simply contraindicated to hit on capsules. The hair extension is capable to bring delight and unforgettable effect of beauty and volume of hair, but only it is necessary to do everything competently.

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