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How to add to hair shine

How to add to hair shine

How to add to hair shine
Want to add to hair shine? Even absolutely healthy hair can look boring and lifeless, especially if you do not use shampoo on a silicone basis. That can add to hair shine, and it is a lot of other questions on the care of hair. There are many ways to add to hair shine. Our female magazine will prompt, as them to solve. In this article we assume that your hair healthy and to it only are necessary for adding shine if it not so, you can improve health of your hair by means of vitamins for growth of hair, moistening and nutrition, and also to cut off the damaged hair.

The common problems interfering a hair shine

When the cuticle (an external layer of a hair) lies not exactly, it causes friability of a structure of a hair. But it is very simple for correcting, rinse your hair with cold water, after each washing that cuticles accepted a flat form. It will help to save your hair from damages.

The following problem which influences a hair shine, is dirt. It can be environmental pollution, such as a smoke and a smog, or simply strong pollution. Many people who use only the conditioner and usual shampoo often have dim hair. But, it is not necessary to use aggressive detergents (for example, for deep cleaning of hair), washing away all from hair… no, it is not necessary to do it! Return better to the usual shampoo.

Steps how to add to hair shine

How to add to hair shine in house conditions: 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar to dissolve in a floor liters of cold water. When you already washed away the conditioner and all conditioning agents behind hair, rinse hair with this solution. Now your hair will begin to shine!

Some drops of essential oil will smooth hair, will help to prevent a sputyvaniye and will add to hair shine. Simply put some drops on palms, rub hands, and then carry out on hair. If you never used oil before earlier, be limited only to pair of drops, yet will not understand, whether your hair need bigger quantity or not. It is rather not enough to cover all hair.

On dry hair oil to put much easier. You will understand, how your hair react to each of oils. But as keep in mind that with oil hair cannot be dried up. Some of favourite oils for appearance your hair which will add to hair shine: oil jojoba, coconut, olive, grape stones and even oil of seeds of broccoli.

Additional secrets how to add to hair shine

Honey – one more large favourite on our arena. Add pair of drops of honey in a conditioner small bottle. Stir up to be convinced that honey evenly mixed up with the conditioner. Honey will humidify and will saturate your hair.How to add to hair shine

That hair grew quicker and to add to hair shine the increase in consumption of silicon (kremnezy) will help with the daily diet as it is known that silicon, reduces loss of hair and adds to hair shine. Silicon contains in the following herbs: horsetail, pikulnik, mountaineer bird’s, wheat grass, nettle and coltsfoot. Also in the vegetative products rich with cellulose: bran, oat flakes, a flour of a rough grinding, black bread, a celery, leek, in sour milk, a garden radish, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, turnip. And herbs — a field horsetail, the dog lover chemist’s, a medunitsa, dandelion leaves.

You so can carry out procedure of house lamination. Or to visit a beauty salon in Orenburg.

If any of these councils does not add to hair shine. Probably, at you other problems which are necessary for solving and which influence ability of your hair to shine. Some types of hair, namely a rough, thick curly hair, simply are not intended to shine… instead, these hair have a pleasant velvety reflection.


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